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Fifteen Newest Stories:
The girl with the looks ( Short Story/Dark ) by savvanah king on 3/7/2014
WE TRIED ( Poem/Lost Love ) by Willie Buchanan on 2/27/2014
RESTLESS SPIRIT ( Poem/Lost Love ) by Willie Buchanan on 2/25/2014
A WALKING DOLLAR SIGN ( Poem/Funny ) by Willie Buchanan on 2/24/2014
LOVE FOUND AND LOST ( Poem/Lost Love ) by Willie Buchanan on 2/16/2014
THE HAPPY HOOK UP ( Short Story/Funny ) by Willie Buchanan on 2/15/2014
Byways ( Short Story/Biography ) by Liilia Morrison on 2/14/2014
I'M HERE, MY DEAR ( Poem/Spiritual Fantasy ) by Willie Buchanan on 2/12/2014
A JEALOUS WOMAM ( Poem/Scary ) by Willie Buchanan on 2/8/2014
MY DEAREST DOROTHY ( Poem/Love ) by Willie Buchanan on 2/6/2014
MY POTENTIAL LOVE ( Poem/Love ) by Willie Buchanan on 2/5/2014
The Death of JFK - A work of honest fiction ( Short Story/Other ) by Rebecca Young on 2/4/2014
THE LAST DAY ( Poem/Death ) by Willie Buchanan on 2/2/2014
Moonbeams and Mistletoe ( Short Story/Western ) by Abbey Gray on 1/29/2014
Without Limits ( Full Story/Love ) by Lanie Clove on 1/27/2014

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