Stories By: Yogeshwar Tambay

Coffee Break Yogeshwar Tambay Homepage
Friends are forever but how does the friendship start? Here is a story which starts in a coffee shop and perhaps is never going to end!
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What's in your dreams Yogeshwar Tambay Homepage
Let us get into the dreamworld of Ravi, an introvert friend, many of us might have met him in various forms at various junctures in our life. What is in his dreams!
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One fine evening Yogeshwar Tambay Homepage
The evening was packed with work schedule but with the wolves in the nearby jungle, what was going to happen, lets find out
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The super alloy Yogeshwar Tambay Homepage
Children love Mr. Chenoy for his great lectures in his science classes. What is in store for them today as he shares his memories with them
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The match Yogeshwar Tambay Homepage
Sonu was to play the first match in his school team and how was it going to go? The story is describing the three days sonu has at the grounds and reconnects with his mother at home
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My grandfather's will Yogeshwar Tambay Homepage
a team of brother and his perky sister solve the mystery of their grandfather\'s will
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