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The Fever Chris Evenson Homepage
Man witnesses a murder and takes money from a loan shark.
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A Daughter's Pain Karena Beaufort Homepage
This book is about an average teenager who deals with a lot in her life and is left to support herself when her parents abandon her.
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The Fell Clutch of Circumstance The Bard of Skheria Homepage
What happens when you're a rich, powerful, young girl without anyone to tell you no? Fern happens. Fern is a bitter, manipulative teenager that just happens to have enough money and power to take out her anger on others by destroying their lives, and eventually, her own.
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Finding Freedom Julijana Saveski Homepage
This is a story about an young girl named Gillian who is on a quest to find freedom and a life where she is accepted for who she is
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Stories and Books by Diane Diane Batten Homepage
Short Stories and Books.
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A Face in the Moon-Chapter One Mitch Waldman Homepage
The first chapter of A FACE IN THE MOON, the new novel by Mitchell Waldman, a story of belated first love, self-discovery, separation, and madness.
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