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Who killed jack Homepage
Sometimes your friends are not who you believe they're so beware
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Alice's Party jack bell Homepage
Alice always thought of herself as a very good friend to have Alice was wrong
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Night of the Dead jack bell Homepage
Vicky thought moving was bad enough without having it be inside a house full of deadly secrets just waiting to come out
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The Other Side of the Rainbow Katie Chamberlain Homepage
In "On the Other Side of the Rainbow", Katie Chamberlain describes how her family reacted when she told them that she was bisexual, at the age of 13.
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Games Of love Carmen Mauceri Homepage
It's a delightful story to read for either the young or the young at heart.
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Bye Forever Angela Castelan Homepage
About a girl that is in love with a guy and his best friend likes her.....she makes a bad decision. Who should she have really loved?
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