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State of mind John Jones Homepage
There is no cure for this 'different' hangover.
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The Haunted House (Part 1) CA Prashant Gupta Homepage
A couple shifted to their home town. There is a past which is waiting for them. The wife gets horror incidents and found a terrible secret
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Tome One, Dance Of The Chupacabras (Excerpt) Lori Lopez Homepage
In this humorous legend, a Mexican-American brother duo of folklore dancers and a desert farmer ó along with a diverse band of mortals, angels, and ghosts ó battle supernatural forces to protect an oracle-princess as well as history, the modern world, and the future from an Aztec serpent godís wrath.
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Porphyric Hemophilia Sean Tessena Homepage
An orphan Vampire named Raevos Lestat finds himself going through many adventures with an enemy made friend named Dracula Vladimir. Through his adventure he meets many other friends, but even more enemies. Could he possibly find his real father?
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A work in progress Jazmine M. Homepage
After recieving drugs in jail in order to 'perfect' him a young man want to kill himself, however he posess a girlfriend and an unborn child.
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House Of The Slasher Ian Homepage
A group of friends go for a drive. The car breaks down and leaves them stranded. They find an abandoned house and soon find out there's a slasher lurking around...
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Nicky's Visitor (The full story) Denis Kanan Homepage
The strange PARTLY TRUE STORY! About witchraft.
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