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The Biggest Ice Storm in Indiana History Ashton Woosley Homepage
Story of the ice storm that hit us.
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Khorshid 1 Farva Homepage
story of the princess of persia
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Cowboy Cop Dennis N. Griffin Homepage
This is an excerpt from my upcoming book, Policing Las Vegas. Hiram Powell became a cop with the Las Vegas Police Department in the 1940s. The Vegas of his day is a far cry from today. In 2002 Hi shared some of his memories of those days with me.
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The Rose Garden at Hever Castle, in Kent. Lucie A. Wesson Homepage
A Historical Piece of Anne Boleyn
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Dawn Eventually Comes Rachel Baker Homepage
This is a story of a young girl experiencing WWII. You will sympathize with her, you will understand her, and you will come to love her.
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