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Written by Jesus Rey G. Maglonzo

"Ufr so cute to talk with :)" It was already two ofclock in the morning but she was so delighted to chat with ClanDestine. A minute had passed but he seems to have left the chatroom without a goodbye. A series of clicks sounded from her printer then a message appeared on the screen eout of paperf. She fed the printer and a moment later the message was, "I need ufr help! I sent u an important information as u can see @ ufr computer. Never tell anyone of this until I gave u the signal and the password to decrypt it. –trust me_ ClanDestine." She was perplexed by the person but also charmed by the way he handles a conversation.

A moment had passed and a browser appeared on the screen having the message ehackers got my location! Shut down ufr computer!f She punched the power button without hesitation, and suddenly her cellphone got a text message, "tomrrw 4pm wait for sgnl at stalucia east oldbldng. U be fnd anywhr fr der trust ClanDestine."


The mall was crowded and people were all busy not knowing of her covert activity but it was already seven ofclock p.m. and no sign of him. Alarmed by the sight of a suspicious stranger that gave her a malevolent glance, she walked away from him with her face turned to white. As she moved on she yelled, "a bomb!" and then she ran away. There was a stampede from the threatened crowd, she passed a small booth of ornaments and concealed herself behind, hoping that she would lose her tail. Stung by a syringe and the tranquilizer was emptied to her neck and she had lost her consciousness.

Quietly, the abductor left her in an inn whole as she was. No cuts just the bite of the needle on her neck. An hour had passed and then she regained her awareness. "Where am I?" Her cellphone rang, "Sandra, leave the place! I know your location from your cellphonefs signal. The enemy!" She ran out of the room and to the lobby as she saw her boyfriend walking for the door. She was out of control as she came near to him, "does she has a sweet and succulent tits that you have cunningly rolled your tongue around its surface." He went out of words from the sound of her voice. "Why the hell are you here, Dave?" He replied, "that should be my question!" As they went out of the door a flash came to their face in shame but the camera cannot be found from the area. "Letfs get out of here, someone has tracked me!"


Sandra got home with Dave, they turned on her computer and a message came out, "lAst contact – Ifm so sorry that I risked your life [files all up to you]. Goodbye! From ClanDestine." She could not accept the fact that she cannot contact him anymore and she was disturbed by the feeling that it was the end of her adventure. "No this canft be! I like him so much!" Dave was stunned by her reaction. "Excuse me, have I no more business to you?" She declared, "I have found myself in him and now itfs all ruined. Ifm sorry. Ifm happy with him and Ifm going to find my lost love."

There was a pause and the reel rolled again, "Love, you defined as a feeling, as an arousal of your deep senses that you thought it is the one that youfve been waiting for. Then youfll say sorry and turn down someone that you used to have the efeelingf as you have apprehended as love, is that Love?" He continued, "Donft ever treat me as a material for I have an awareness not like a car that you can replace and take the latest model to satisfy or to arouse your keen desires." She babbled some words but she clearly said: "never teach me for you also have discrepancies from a better person, as I have seen you from the motel. What does it mean?" His mind was blank, now is the right time: "Sorry but thatfs a part of the plan, to make a point you should shake someonefs world, like an earthquake that rattles our nerves."

She was speechless. He walked close to her, "I do really love you but you have to learn. There is no ClanDestine because he is only a virtual friend. Inscribe my words to your heart, Love is a strong bond that comes from intuition with conviction but without the feelings that end somewhere within the segment of a relationship." She fell into his arms as the moon lit the night in romance with all the fears and remorse subsided from their hands. They both glanced at the sky and saw the stars dancing in a pattern they wish they somehow knew.

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