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Ok... Bush and Osama are stuck on this island. A strange lamp washes
up on the shore. Osama picks it up and wipes off the water. *poof*
out pops a geenie. "thankyou for freeing me" said the geenie "in
return, i'll grant you each one wish." Osama, being the arragant
piece of shit he is jumped at the offer first. "I want a large dome
that covers the whole of Afghanistan with all the Afghanie people in
it, including me, so that way, we are safe from all missiles, bombs
and foreign invaders... and i want you to make sure that it is
impossible to get in OR out" Said Osama. "as you wish" exclaimed the
geenie and *poof* osama dissapeared off to this supposed dome he had
wished for. The geenie now turned to bush, who had a really large
grin on his face. "Your turn" the geenie said. Bush stood and asked
the geenie "what are the dimensions of this thing?" The geenie
replied "3000 feet tall and 100 feet thick, made of steel" Bush then
said "Good, good, now, I wish for you to fill it with water!"
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