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Thoughts of Phelox



Priest Patrick Klein examined the collection of files that was staring up at him. The old records office of the Atkins Robot Plant had been unexamined for years. He was here simply on a hunch; he had been given a classified, very hush-hush piece of information from a former worker at the plant who was also a current congregation member. Tim had told him in utmost secrecy that one of the individuals that worked at Atkins 30 years ago was actually one of the first, if not possibly even the first, Vesuvian to actively collect information about Earth. Patrick was very much an amateur historian so the chance to see primary material regarding what a peacetime Vesuvian thought about Earth was too tempting not to examine. The man who gave him the lead, Tim Smithson, was sketchy about the details regarding possible findings. Patrick got the feeling this fellow was trying to avoid disappointing his priest. Little did he know really that Father Klein was the type of man who would give his left foot to examine any potentially significant primary material first hand. He was a man who loved the mystery and intrigue of personal collection; it wasnt a crime, but he refrained from telling members of his congregation about his personal letter collection that dated from various stages throughout the 21st Century. His love of history was not born from collecting dates and figures that were important; his real interest was not simply based on the numbers killed, or numbers born gained through records. It came from what really drove people to begin the first intergalactic war, what really caused World War Four, why did so few people have religious beliefs in the late 20th Century and so on. Seeing facts and figures only raised questions in his mind. It was quite an ironic situation that his strong personal faith in the unknown actually prompted a great desire to know things. His belief in God was of course born of a study of scripture and a knowledge of divine intervention, but Patrick somehow felt that his role as a Priest or indeed as a being of Earth would not be complete if he just accepted prior scripture. He knew enough about God to realise that his interventions would never simply be limited to one people, one person or one faith. All were as important as the other in his view; God was the total holy and holistic force of existence. Patrick believed that he wasnt simply a priest, he was a vessel of God, allowing the holy force apparent through tenants and scriptures to be directed through him to his congregation. He wanted this role to be active and not simply passive. His desperation to know about the real reasons for the Vesuvian War had certainly prompted his searching intellect to find out more. He didnt just want to be a malleable tool for presumed knowledge. He wanted to be an active instigator in establishing an updated notion of divinity. Whilst God was never changing and always perfect, we as human beings or indeed as Vesuvians, as he hoped would be the case with these findings,  could use history to stretch their knowledge to new limits. Looking around the dark, shut off room Father Klein spotted a bunch of plastic bound documents stacked in the corner. He examined the first one; it was sales records of robotic parts from 2060-2070. He kept looking through the pile, most were official looking documents that just contained reams and reams of computer processed figures. It was then that he noticed a folder written in pen that was simply entitled Earth- 2069 to unknown. That last part intrigued him. He opened up the folder and began reading the first page.  


Friday 8th October 2069


It has been made clear to me on Earth the nature of difference. As a telepathic creature of Venus some of these attitudes have appeared to me as at best quaint and at worst destructive. The nature of humility intrigued me. Humans allow forgiveness for retracted misjudgments. I hope they know the beauty of their compassion, as the mental creatures of the planet Venus have more of a definitive intellectual approach to the understanding our fellow creatures. We see others on the basis of what they have done. Forgiveness has been mentioned as a virtue by the elders, but most Vesuvians judge as we see. It seems so fascinating that despite the dominant notions of immediate judgments, the potential for forgiveness and compassion are there. Perhaps it is a remnant of the man known  as Jesus, but I feel it is actually a display of the more progressive design that humans are blessed with. Of course the animal aspects of humanity, I will always refrain from using the term mankind, are often  prominent in war, or in desire but overall the latent capabilities of emotional intelligence displayed by these creatures is really quite remarkable. There is so much from my brief time on Earth that I want to relay. I should say that my arrival and existence here came before the much prophesied Earth and Venus war. Of course I cannot be certain that there hasnt been intervention to prevent such a destructive conflict, but I have unfortunately come to the conclusion that the most base and disruptive elements on Earth will precipitate a long war between our two species. I learnt much about the nature of humans from being on Earth. The nature and notion of possession has proved to be a massively persuasive force. They identify themselves not as a species but as a series of nations, which are divisions of land into smaller places all with their own identities. Some reasons are apparent but frankly after the progression of conflict from the very beginning of nationhood , I feel it should have been re-examined. Frankly a study of nations reveals the rudimentary conclusion that this approach to identity of human individuals is  inherently conflictual and destructive. We have seen briefly in future scans however certain plans for a World Government that is imminent. It will divide the world not into hundreds of different nations and identities but actually into six zones. I am hopeful that this measure will ensure peace between us and their predominately primitive species, but the chances are not high. I remain hesitant to use our basic pysche scan techniques here and now as it may disrupt the operational capabilities of the human mind.


Tuesday 22nd November 2069


I have found many individuals here on Earth to be quite fine specimens. Many of them are indeed intelligent and kind in their approach to life. Despite the conditions for conflict and difficulty that are really quite prevalent on Earth many have greater aspirations. The ability of quite a few individuals to strive above their standings, which are very often reinforced and permanently established. The strange situation of those who have been worst affected by their given circumstances actually showing greater levels of existential comprehension is impressive. There is an awareness from a surprising amount of individuals that the wares of Earth are not infinitely satisfying. I need not inform you of the Venusians experience of the being that they on Earth call Lucifer. Suffice it to say the conditions of temptation have remained quite prevalent on Earth despite the obvious downfall and removal of Lucifer elsewhere. Many humans have remained almost cocooned in the primitive and simplistic version of evil that has been apparent on Earth since the fall of the first man. Indeed my original intention, albeit one obviously not approved by the elders of Venus was to show how the beings of Earth could strive for greater intellectual and spiritual existence. I wanted to show the people of Earth however briefly that they have actually been conned and connived by a dormant intergalactic presence. Lucifer is barely a memory on Venus as you will know. He as forgotten on Venus as a figure such as Elijah is here on Earth. That they are being bound simply by the memory and notion of evil, let alone its actual existence is quite depressing for a being of intellect. Over the course of my time here on Earth however, thankfully not all events transpired to agree with the supposedly dominant notion of evil. This collection of thoughts itself was began to help try and maintain some sort of record of my findings whilst stationed here. I wanted to keep my status as a pioneering figure in trying to comprehend humans to try and implement any measures that may help to prevent the severity of the war between our species. My time is short here, people are severely suspecting my intentions on Earth already. Work at the factory is fine, as I just basically replicate the actions of the most average individuals, but when speaking to fellow workers I am suspected. I have even heard some of them refer to me as a potential android. I am running out of excuses, but I do not want to return yet to Venus. I am intent on remaining here for as long as possible to get any potentially vital information. People in the town I have been staying in have started to be suspicious of my motives. I am looked at as a criminal when entering the public house or main shop. People do not know who I am exactly, which is on the one hand a good thing as the may be hostile to a physical alien, but on the other hand them not knowing my real identity allows questions and gossip to develop. I do not help by enquiring personally to individuals. I do not hide from wanting to know their motives, desires and fears. If they knew the truth I dont think  they would object, unfortunately they do not and really cannot.


Tuesday 3rd January 2070...


I have found somewhere safe to stay and upload my accounts. The cities here are vast and large. I am often confused by the flashing lights, masses of people and blaring music that often emanates from the high  rise buildings. I have been more settled since arriving in Second Global City. The people are too busy to be rude, unlike most of the inhabitants of the small towns I was staying in. I have found basic employment here, working as a cleaner at a robot factory. The pay is appalling but I am not at the job for the money. The time spent with factory workers has been very insightful. There is obviously a selection of but it is safe to say the more likeable and agreeable types were on the shop floor working alongside myself on the conveyor belt of passing robot parts. The operation managers were a varied crew but they all had an element of sourness to them. They seemed somehow dissatisfied with their jobs, despite over seeing people who were literally beneath them. The human dynamic could be well studied at work; people did just enough to maintain their jobs. Nobody strived to do an excellent job, or to somehow find identity through their work. The job was simply somewhere to be during the day. They did not seem infused by the prospect of making something; it wasnt a work of art as we would see it. The conveyor belt and procedural nature of production at the factory I was working at could be seen as a larger metaphor for the nature of humanity as I experienced it. They as a species seem happy to experience life as a series of predicted or even pre-determined events. They do not yearn for individual enlightenment or identity; rather the autonomous nature of the supra-individual elements such as government or businesses seem to offer sufficient levels of identification to prevent yearning for any more. I would definitely like to know more about this strange phenomena.


Monday 16th March 2070


I have not learnt much more since the last entry. I remain here in the city. I have developed an understanding at least of the temporal but still pleasurable influences that humans like to utilise. Alcohol as a drug remains very prominent in their levels of consumption, as does often consumption of a drug called pulse. Individuals remain sated by the identities they are given seemingly on the basis that drugs they consume answer any greater questions they have. Alcohol as a drug is very commonly used to minimise feelings of dissatisfaction, indeed it is a very persuasive substance I must report. People in the city seem to have greater access to calming and reassuring influences; they are different from the townsfolk in the sense that there is at least a diversification of thoughts on offer, even if they still cannot access the truth fully. Levels of religiously aspirant thoughts are also strangely more persuasive in the city than in the town. People are more questioning of their identity when presented with diversified influence. I found most, definitely not all I should report, of the townsfolk to be relatively more malleable by the nascent and problematic influences on offer. Perhaps that was just the one town I was staying in; I have gathered from human writings that in fact certain towns and rural areas are actually very active in assuming a strong personal identity different from that of nationhood. That was not my experience however.


Friday 22nd June 2070


I had my first encounter with the police forces today. I was very nervous that the people of Earth had developed pysche scan technology and had become aware that I was an unregistered Venusian living here temporarily. I feel my explanation would not be easily accepted. The officer was an unhappy gentleman who was strangely probing me about a man who worked in the factory I have been working at. I knew nothing much of the man, other than his name and photo. He revealed that the man was a potential terrorist for Venus and was under suspicion. Needless to say I became very nervous, physically exerting my fear through sweat and hands that shook took vigorously. The officer eyed me suspiciously but did not proceed with measures such as going to the Police HQ or giving a DNA sample thank God. I would have been either imprisoned or deported if this officer had any suspicion that I too was from Venus. I am nervous that the armed forces of Venus are priming an attack on Earth on the basis of pysche scans of the future. They have already experienced a sense of hostility from Earth that will in all likelihood lead to war. Personally I still feel it is wrong to damn humanity and Earth on the basis of things they have not done yet. I retain a hope that my findings and evidence acquired here will be sufficient to prevent a devastating intergalactic war. Besides the Vesuvian forces should know that their technology will not be sufficient to defeat the more military minded figures of Earth. I want findings to prevent war for both philosophical and practical reasons. Despite our advanced intelligence it is very clear to me the combined forces of Earth, which have but recently been fighting one another in another world war, as they call it, have been active and devastating. We would be foolish to provoke measures of fire and force. A day will come when our telepathic measures could easily defeat the leaders of Earth I am certain, and indeed despite great political opposition, the realisation on Venus that we too will need firepower will greatly help in the future defence of our way of life. At present we remain hugely vulnerable; I fear the egos of the current elders however will force a conflict with the admittingly destructive probing forces of Earth. I feel they should await more of my findings and the discoveries of other spies which I hope will be sent. I am not an idealist or a dreamer like Humis or Braxus, however I still feel the influence of our intellect can prevent a fully violent conflict. I am still of the belief that our resources one day can be shared. The people of Earth seem to have very little interest in the progression of intelligence in the manner that we do. They appear a destructive and complacent race, but more work is needed to find grounds for co-operative as opposed to conflictual relations. My findings are still preliminary due to the suspicious nature of those I have dealt with thus far, but I shall continue to probe and report back whilst it is possible. Mankind really is an incorrect term I feel due to their innately fearful constitutions and their propensity for war.


Tuesday 3rd July 2070


I have seen many problems with the social ordering of Earth. There is a great reverence to what was once known as money and is now referred to as points, Individuals are just as obsessed by this concept as companies and governments. Life is actually designed around obtaining more and more numbers of these points. Points are seen to judge how successful you are; they are gained through work or through inheritance or through chance. Evidently the notion of personal progression and enlightenment as we are fully aware of on Venus are not so present here. There is not the same idea of interconnected joy as we know it; obviously the species on Earth do not share our telepathic abilities however they nominally share an idea of mistrust. Not knowing the thoughts of their fellow man is actually leads to more confusion. There is not a great deal of co-operation between divergent groups; isolation of ideas and identities is a frequent problem. The identities of males starkly differ depending on location, age and background whilst despite being slightly more integrated, the massed identities of women also remain innately hostile. In spite of various religious and philosophical teachings widely available to many I have not yet witnessed any kenosis or emotional elevation to indicate potentially latent spiritual knowledge. The needs and knowledge of the current time prove sufficient for most individuals. I would advise our cultural ambassadors to be ready for a long and difficult process should we decide to peaceful engage with the governments on Earth. My hopes remain low for any successful cultural engagements. Warfare should be expected unfortunately. Day by day my feelings that an intergalactic conflict can be prevented or even postponed are dissipating. The probes sent to Venus from Earth were armed and programmed to be conflictual. They sent probes that were heavily loaded with weaponry and designed to fire on any crafts that looked to have weaponry capability. They seem to immediately be designed for conflict and warfare. I very much fear or my safety if any humans and especially if any human figures within the military discover my true identity.


Father Klein stopped reading momentarily at that point. He realised what this individual was aiming at; he identified with the concern about humans being somehow naturally militaristic or conflictual almost by default. His fear of being identified as a spy or renegade also for some reason resonated with the Priest. He understood the feeling of being treated as an outsider. The inevitability of conflict this figure from Venus believed in was troubling; somehow he thought that there would be sufficient men of reason on Earth to help prevent an intergalactic war. There had been one smaller scale skirmish with forces from a star from a distant nebular prior to the Vesuvian War. Father Klein, like some others, held the view that the conflict with Nebula 4 was a precursor to a large scale intergalactic conflict. There was some evidence in this account that some Vesuvians were actively trying to prevent war! Far be it from it just being an account of war as destiny, this individual here had given an account of war as a potential occurrence in the future simply predicted by their telepathic brains. Father Klein also found it fascinating to consider the possibility that the elders on Venus had proved to be a comparable problem to the governments of Earth. This individual here seemed to share Kleins inherent mistrust in aggressive military behaviour; he actively seemed to regret the hostile reaction to probes that were sent from Earth. Father Klein decided he had read enough for the time being. It was evident that the war between Earth and Venus was in fact probably the fault of the governments on Earth and possibly even the conflictual mentality of humans as a species. Father Klein decided he would spend some of his sermons from now trying to communicate some of the higher and more peaceful virtues of the Vesuvians as he had experienced from the document he had been reading. 

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