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Full moon

  Elizabeth turned to face her window. When the noise stopped, she turned back around. 

  “Boo,” Elizabeth felt her skin shrivel. Her heart sank four inches below her chest. 

   “Jesse...what-what are you doing here?” Elizabeth asked both puzzled, and annoyed. 

   “I’ve been wanting to ask you something,” Jesse replied. 

   Elizabeth frowned slowly creasing her brows together. She pouted with exhaustion, and then leaned across her bed. 

   “What is it?” She asked. 

   “When we kissed...did you want me to?” Jesse asked. 

    Why is he asking me something like this? Elizabeth thought. 

    “Jesse what we did was wrong, and I take it back completely,” Elizabeth answered. 

   “But it was real, I know you felt something; because I did,” Jesse slurred. 

    “No. I didn't,” Elizabeth mumbled. 

    “You’re lying, why can't you just stop being so selfish and stubborn, and admit that you actually have feelings for me?” Jesse’s voice was unusually calm. 

    “Jesse please don't do this,” Elizabeth brokenly whispered. 

    Elizabeth felt Jesse’s flesh brush across hers. The coolness f his pale skin wrapped around the warmth of hers. His hand traveled across her skin. Moving down towards her chin, then her neck. 

    “Jesse...” Elizabeth murmured.

    “I don't even care anymore. I don't care if your Jeremy’s, I love you Elizabeth, and I’ve always have,” his voice now firm. 

    “Jesse please,” Elizabeth repeated. 

    “You feel the same way, I know you do. I know...” 

    “I can't...I can't love you. I love Jeremy and only Jeremy. I'm so sorry for coming to you, but you were the only constellation. I didn't mean to lead you on, and if I knew what I was doing, I would have stopped,” Elizabeth admitted. 

   Jesse didn't respond, his face was still. His eyes narrowed and he clinched his jaws. Elizabeth could see his eyes were starting to water quickly. 

   “You’re lying,” he repeated. But his voice now firm. 

   “No I'm not...check...you can tell if I'm lying,” Elizabeth stopped to take the necklace that Jeremy gave her a few months back. It was the revine necklace, that stopped any vampire from compelling her. 

    “Ask me now,” Elizabeth finished. 

    “No,” Jesse answered while stroking her gentle skin. 

    “I don't understand, why not?” Elizabeth asked confused. 

    “Because you want me to,” Jesse answered. 


    “Where’s Jeremy?” Jesse asked Vanessa. 

    “Left. Covering Elizabeths tracks,” she answered. 

    “I told him to wait,” Jesse whispered to himself. 

    “Yea. I'm surprised you aren't taking off right now to save your precious Elizabeth...oh wait no she isn't yours I almost forgot,” Vanessa slurred her words by the second. 

    “You know jealousy isn't a good turn on for you,” Jesse warned. 

    “Oh no someone has an bad attitude. Did someone just get into a fight with their want to be lover?” Vanessa asked factiously. 

    “Aren't you supposed to be under some spell?” Jesse asked; quickly changing the subject. 

    “No. But, let's play pretend for a while. I play the dirty prisoner; and you play the hot vampire cop,” Vanessa suggested. 

    “Sounds fun, but I'll pass,” Jesse growled. 

    Vanessa responded by wrapping her hands around his neck. She dug her nails deep into his flesh. 

    “Come on Jesse, you and I both know you need some fun. We need this, you need this. I'm the only thing that you have left, that actually cares about you. So don't turn down the only thing you ever loved. I know you haven't forgotten all the fun we had,” Vanessa reminded. 

    “What we had wasn't real. I need to find Jeremy,” Jesse’s voice now low. 

    “Good idea Jesse, go run and save the girl that doesn't even give a damn about you. She never loved you, never will. So stop trying to influence her decision by playing “hero.” It's just like a flashback. I never loved you, and I loved Jeremy. Now Elizabeth doesn't love you, and loves Jeremy. How does it feel?” Vanessa asked harshly. 

   Jesse felt his blood boiling. Lingering thoughts swarm around in his head. He paused before he said anything. 

   “Once I find, and kill Reese your next. And I'm going to enjoy killing you,” Jesse whispered in her ear. 

   “I bet you will,” Vanessa answered. 


    Jesse slipped through Elizabeths window. He glanced at her; she was brushing her hair in front of her mirror. 

    “I can hear you,” Elizabeth called out through her bathroom. 

    “And I can smell you,” Jesse answered. 

    Jesse fell onto her bed, and then smiled when she turned out the light. 

    “Do I smell Vodka?” Elizabeth asked teasingly. 

    “I had a couple drinks,” Jesse admitted. 

    “Maybe more...are you drunk?” She asked while folding her arms across her chest. 

    Jesse was crushing her into the corner of her wall instantly. He smiled from the corner of his lips, when she hissed with pain. 

    “Maybe,” Jesse answered. 

    “Jesse you need to go home,” Elizabeth told him. 

    “Everyone I've ever loved hates me...no one loves me. You use me, Vanessa uses...” 

    “Vanessa? What were you doing talking to Vanessa? What did she say?” Elizabeth asked. 

    Elizabeth held onto his shoulders, she looked concerned. 

    “You know she was right about everything. No one loves me,” Jesse said painfully. His voice began to crack when he could smell her cantaloupe shampoo. 

    “Jesse that's not true,” Elizabeth assured him. 

    “Then how come you don't love me? How come Elizabeth?” He asked. 

    “Jesse stop, your drunk. Let me take you home,” she offered. 

   “I'm not going anywhere,” he told her. 

    Jesse forcefully threw her onto her bed. He landed directly on top of her. His body was crushing hers, making it harder for her breathe. 

     “Jesse get off of me...your scaring me,” she cried. 

     “Why? Why are you suddenly afraid to be with me?” He asked; sounding threatening. 

     “Jesse please,” Elizabeth squealed. 

     Jesse moved her onto the side of her wall. He kissed her temple, and then her neck. His hands traveled down onto her cheeks, and then down to her chest. 

     “Jesse no. Stop it. Stop it,” Elizabeth said in a firm tone. 

     Elizabeth didn't seem angry, more so worried. 

      Jesse didn't answer, he just pressed his hard lips onto hers. He smiled with pleasure, and then licked his lips when he felt her squirm beneath him. 

      Elizabeth took his hands, and then put them to his side. 

      “You’re better then this,” Elizabeth told him. 

      Jesse scoffed and then put Elizabeth’s in the palms of his hands. 

     “It's too late to take you home, so you can stay here...” Elizabeth trailed off when she noticed tears running down his pale cheeks. 

    He was callous, and she was speechless. She felt nervous to even touch him. But, she knew that for some reason she was safe. 

    “Stay. Please,” Elizabeth whispered. 


    Jesse woke up, he focused on the ceiling for a moment and then sprung his self up when he realized where he was. He felt a slight headache when he threw his shirt over his back. 

     “Good morning sleeping beauty,” Elizabeth said while walking over towards him. 

     She was wearing what Jesse saw her wear last night; or at least what he could remember she had on. 

     “What time is it?” Jesse asked in a rude tone. 

     “Almost two,” she answered. 

     Elizabeth sat onto her bed, as then hugged onto one of her pillows. She smiled when Jesse ran his hands through his hair slowly. Jesse sighed and then put his shirt on. 

     “Why am I here?” Jesse asked; even though he was certain he knew the answer. 

     “You embarrassed yourself pretty well last night, so I took matter into my own hands and let you stay here,” she answered. 

     “Thanks. I was supposed to be with Jeremy covering your tracks. How am I supposed to do that when I'm here playing tea party?” He asked bluntly. 

     “Hey I did you a favor, you could at least thank me,” Elizabeth said hurt. 

     “Thank you? For what? All you’ve done for me is cause me pain. So don't flatter yourself Elizabeth,” he growled. 

    Jesse was at the door in seconds. 

     “Jesse...I'm-I'm sorry,” Elizabeth stuttered. 

     Jesse felt himself wince, when he looked at her. She was so beautiful, even when she was hurting him. Intentionally or not, Jesse was alway going to love her.

    “Me too,” he answered. 


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