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Wrong Goodbye

  One foot right in front of the other; it seemed convoluted when Jesse did so. Jesse took another sip of his vodka when he glared through the thick darkness. He could smell human flesh in the distance. 

   He smirked when he heard heels hit the ground. He followed that sound, and then threw his vodka container in the grass. 

   “Well you seem awfully young to be walking alone in the dark. Didn't your parents tell you that there are strangers wandering around. I know they’re praying on girls like you...beautiful girls like you,” Jesse hissed under his breath. 

   Jesse was inches in front of her. Her face red with rage, her cheeks smothered in make up. Her eyelashes drenched in mascara, and her hair dyed too blonde.

    “You flatter me,” the blonde answered. 

    “So...” Jesse stopped to touch her name tag. He smiled when he saw her waitress outfit. 

    “Brittany. Why don't you let me take you out tonight,” Jesse offered. 

     “What makes you think I would want to go out with...” 

     “Were going to have a good time tonight. Your not scared, your going to listen and follow each and everything that I tell you to do. If you fail to reach my task, I'll have to kill you...” Jesse stopped to reexamine her. 

   “So. What do you say I take you out tonight?” Jesse asked again. 

   “Yes. I would like that,” she answered brokenly. 

   “Good,” Jesse replied. 


    Elizabeth ran her hands down Jeremy’s cool chest. She smiled with pleasure when his lips ran down her temples, and then slowly onto her neck. Quick meaningful moans slipped from her lips when his fingers ran down her spinal cord. His nails tickled down towards her waist. But, Elizabeth wanted more. She moved his hands over towards her breasts. She quickly buried her head into his chest, with embarrassment. 

   “Sorry,” Elizabeth mumbled. 

   Her breath was raspy, she felt her heartbeat quickly when he undid her bra strap from the back. His hands slid down her filmy shoulders, so that he was able to take it off completely. 

    “Don't be,” he finally answered. 

    “It's...” Elizabeth stopped to kiss his chin, and then gradually onto his neck. 

    “Been a long time, are you sure you want to do this? I don't want make you uncomfortable. The last time...” 

    “That was a while ago, and I lost control. I'm positive that I'm ready, but that doesn't matter unless you are,” Jeremy answered. 

   “That's good to hear, and I am. So...” Elizabeth stopped to scoff at herself. She never felt this embarrassed before. 

    She felt her heart flutter when Jeremy lifted her up. He planted her onto his bed. She smiled when he slid her bra down, revealing her flesh. She felt cold when his body gently curtained over hers. He kissed her slowly, and then picked up pace when Elizabeth clutched at his jaws. His hands traveled towards the tips of her hair; he left them there for a while. 

   “Can I?” Jeremy asked. 

    His hands now on her underwear. 

    Elizabeth nodded quickly, and then looked up at the ceiling when she felt his fingertips touch her thighs. She felt her heart drop low, when she felt her underwear move down to her knees. 

    “Jeremy,” Elizabeth brokenly whispered. 

    “I understand,” he whispered back. 

    “Are you angry?” Elizabeth asked. 

    “Not at all,” he answered. 

    “I'm sorry. I thought I was ready, but I'm not. And I wish...” 

    “Stop. You don't have to explain anything to me,” Jeremy answered sweetly. 

    “Give me a week or two, and I promise I'll make it up to you,” she assured him. 

    Jeremy chuckled at her, and them ran his finger down her nose. 

    “Don't worry about it, it's not a big deal. As long your comfortable, I'm comfortable. And as long as your happy, I'm happy,” he told her. 

    Elizabeth sighed with relief and then brought him closer to her, by tugging onto his jaws. Her lips guided his, and Jeremy was soon to follow. 


   Jesse looked over his shoulder, he smiled when he saw dried blood around Brittany's neck. Then he saw some more web he saw some more around her thighs, and shoulders.

   Jesse flipped the bed sheets over when he saw that her blood stained the sheets.

   In seconds Jesse was on top of her, she giggled when he planted kisses on her neck. 

   “More blood?” She asked. 

   “Yes. I can never get enough, your delicious,” he told her; while wiggling his eyebrows. 

   “Thank you,” she answered. 

   Jesse sunk his fangs into her skin, and then sighed when he tasted her. When he heard her grunt, that only made him shrivel with pleasure. Feeling her squirm made him insane. 

    He felt his teeth dig deeper into her skin, and when he couldn't feel her squirm anymore he moved down lower towards her chest. 

    When he was satisfied he turned to look at her. He moved her head, and when he ran his hands down her chest, he couldn't feel a pulse. 

   Empty, he thought. He sighed when he picked her bloodless body up. He decided that burning it, was the right decision. 


    Jesse entered his house slowly, and when he set his car keys onto the kitchen counter he clinched his jaw when he saw small feet on the other side of him. 

    “Is there a reason your just coming home at four in the morning?” Elizabeth asked. 

    “Is there a reason your not minding your own damn business?” Jesse barked. 

    “Wow. What's wrong with you? Did someone turn you down?” Elizabeth asked teasingly. 

    “You’d like hearing that wouldn't you?” Jesse asked. 

    “Jesse it was just a joke,” Elizabeth answered both hurt, and puzzled. 

    “I don't have time for jokes. No in fact I don't have time for you,” Jesse told her. 

    “You did when you kissed me,” Elizabeth fought back. 

    “I was hurt and you were the only constellation. But I realized your more pathetic than that. A girl on the side of the street would have meant more,” he hissed. 

   Elizabeth swallowed, and then frowned. She blinked out her tears, and then ran her fingers down her red cheeks. 

   “If thats how you felt then...” 

   “Oh it's always how I felt Elizabeth. It's how I feel. You make me feel, and it doesn't matter what it is, but you do. You do,” he barked. 

   Elizabeth rocked back on her heels, and then turned to her side. 

   “Goodnight Jesse,” Elizabeth cried.


    “You know you really got Elizabeth worked up. She's in our room crying,” Jeremy told Jesse. 

    “Oh cry me a river, it's just for show,” Jesse barked. 

    Jeremy was in front of Jesse in seconds. 

    “I don't appreciate you hurting Elizabeth,” Jeremy said in a firm tone. 

   “Listen I find it cute that your standing up for your little human girlfriend, but I need my space. So, please if you don't mind move,” he barked. 

   “Jesse,” Jeremy growled. 

   Jeremy put his arm onto Jesse’s shoulder, and when he found a grip he pushed him into the wall. 

   “Ah. Ah. Ah. Bad decision,” Jesse told him. 

   Jeremy held onto his grip, which was around Jesse’s neck. 

   Jesse ripped a piece of wood off of the wall. He jammed it into the core of Jeremy’s lower intestine. 

   “No!” A voice screeched in the background.

   Jesse looked over his shoulder. He saw tears running down Elizabeth’s eyes. Her face never looked this dull and broken before. Elizabeth dropped to her knees in front of Elizabeth. 

   “Go! Go! Please. I hate you...I hate you. Leave,” Elizabeth said in a panic tone. 

   “Elizabeth I'm so sorry,” Jesse murmured. 

    “Go!” She yelled. 

    Elizabeth held onto Jeremy’s head, when he began to mumble out words slowly, and brokenly. 

    Jesse did so, and as he left he looked over his shoulder. Wondering if he was ever going to come back. 


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