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wee josie

Ah loast ma wee pal Josie last night Whit a waste a wee champion so he wis, It happened oan the night shift ah hid warned him before "dont let the wummin see ye" bit he didnae listen.Ah hid better  explain  ma self tae ye's. Am a moose and ah stay in the sailors home doon oan the Broomielaw a home fir auld yins, ah live wi a auld man a bit oan the manky side bit disnae bother me he always his biscuits and stuff lying aboot so ah dont need tae go oot much..Bit wee Josie wis different always aboot during the day looking fir grub frightening aw the auld yins ,scurying aboot their feet it's a wonder he hidnae been  killed before. Ah heard the screams ,an ah looked oot an seen the big fat wummin that works at night running doon the corridor wi the drawers at her feet,ye widnae think somebody that size could shift !"it's doon the pan" it's doon the pan! she wis bawling, A nicked intae the lavvy and hid a keek pardon the expression and sure  eneough theres wee Josie oan his wey doon tae the clyde.Whit hid happened wis Josie wis in the lavvy and must hiv panicked when the wummin came in jumped oan the pan and fell intae the watter, wel ah hate tae think of  wee Josie's face looking up and seening the wummun sitting doon,he must hiv goat a surge of  energy and dug his claws intae the big yins erse ,well the screams wid hiv wakened the deiid, That wis the last we seen o' her never came back.Af goat hunners a stories aboot me and ma family living in govan, and things ye never knew aboot us like we kin live fir aboot 40 years, the only died moose ye'll see is wan that wis a bit slow lifting the cheese aff  the backbreaker.So a'm away fir a kip and I'll meet ye again cheerio.

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