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The last hero the series

The last hero the series
episode 1
Get going we don't have all day said joe as he helped shawn
pull his dad's trunk up to CIA head quarters where shawns dad worked
.When armed men jumped out they had been kidnaped.They were gaged and
there hands were bound the men through shawn and joe in the back of a large dirty
van.Menyile shaawns dad was worried so he went out side
to ceck on them when he saw the men take off with the boys.
He jumped in his car and pulled out his hand gun he went after
the van.They went on to the golden gate bridge and the van ramed aginst shawns dads car. It was about
to go off the bridge so he jumped out of his car and onto the van
right when his car flew off the edge.Shawns dad ran on
the top of the dirty car.He jumped into the drivers seat and
killed the two men. And drove to a gas station.

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