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Sweet Dreams

   “Bonnie I'm just worried about you, ever since you and my brother broke up...you seemed distant,” Elena’s voice sounded little. 

   Bonnie exhaled slowly, and then ran her fingers through her hair slowly. 

   “I'm fine,” Bonnie brokenly whispered. 

   “Bonnie I don't like seeing you like this,” Elena mumbled. 

   “Elena. Your going to keep Stephan waiting. Go on your date, you haven't seen him in a while. I'll be fine,” Bonnie mumbled. 

   Elena sighed loudly, and then wrapped her arms around Bonnie when she nodded in agreement. 

   “Remember if you need me, just call,” Elena suggested. 

   “Thanks,” Bonnie muttered. 

   Elena put on her earrings and then stopped when she reached Bonnie’s door. 

   “My brother was a fool for leaving you,” Elena whispered. 

   Bonnie chuckled to herself lightly. 

   “Go Elena your going to be late,” Bonnie moaned playfully. 

   “Alright. Bye,” Elena’s voice now firm. 


  “Your going on a date with Elena?” Damon asked Stephan. 

  “Yes I am, is that alright with you?” Stephan replied. 

   “What you and Elena do, doesn't  concern me. I was just wondering why you smelt like perfume,” Damon protested. 

   “Funny,” Stephan whispered. 

   When there was a light knock at the door, Damon smiled mischievously. His lips arched from the ends slowly when he walked towards the door. 

   “Elena,” Damon exclaimed. 

   “Hi Damon,” Elena’s voice full of different emotions. 

   When Damon glanced at her briefly, he smiled when he saw we rosy cheeks lighten when he wiggled his eyebrows. Her hair lightly curtained over her small shoulders. Her small red dress wrapped around her small waist. He never recalled how small she was until he was actually looking at her. When she ran her fingers through her hair, he smiled to himself. Elena was beautiful. 

   “Hey,” Stephan’s voice breaking Damon’s train of thought. 

   “Hi,” Elena was now in front of Stephan, fixing his tie. 

   “You seem distracted,” Stephan concluded. 

   “It's Bonnie I'm worried about her. My brother just broke her heart into a million pieces. And, she acts as if nothing happened,” Elena answered slowly. 

   “She's a witch Elena, she’ll be fine. So who cares?” Damon asked in the background. 

   “I care Damon. Damon...” Elena broke off to finish fixing Stephans tie. 

   “Could you stop by her house, and make sure she is okay? I know I'm asking for much, but it would really mean a lot to me if you did,” Elena sounded desperate. 

   “Me and Bonnie in the same room together...see I'm not sure if that's a good idea. You might not have a friend anymore if Bonnie and I start any type of conversation,” Damon warned. 

  “Damon Please...” Elena trailed off to look at her watch.

  “Fine. But only because I’ve never seen Bonnie cry...and I don't  want to miss out on that,” Damon said bluntly. 

  “Thank you,” Elena mouthed. 

  “We better go if we don't want to be late,” Stephen mumbled. 

  Elena nodded in agreement, and then turned to Damon. When she noticed him throw on his leather jacket, she smiled with amusement. 

  “Slow down Damon, I'm beginning to think that you might actually want to see Bonnie,” Elena teased. 

  “Ha. Please. I just can't wait to see this bitch...I mean witch cry,” Damon mumbled. 


  Once Damon reached Bonnie’s bedroom window, he smiled from the corner of his lips when he saw her brushing her hair in her bathroom. Bonnie slowly ran the brush through her curles. When her hair started straightening, Damon began to lick his lips. Bonnie turned out her light, and then walked over towards her bed. When she forced a pillow down on her covers, and she briefly glanced around her room. 

  Damon could hear heart beating, it was a slow constant beating. It was...beautiful. It was a pleasant sound that he had never heard before. He could smell her strawberry shampoo, when he got closer to her window. 

  Bonnie turned out the lights, and then slowly headed towards her bed. 

  Damon watched as she tossed and turned in her bed. She didn't seem capable of staying in one spot. Damon heard her moan and whimper in her sleep. Damon unlocked the window slowly, and when he heard the window screech he flinched. 

  In seconds Damon was inches away from Bonnie. His hand slowly stoked Bonnie’s cheek. He felt her warmth sting the coolness of his skin. When she twitched Damon smiled, he never noticed how beautiful she was. Her silk  brown skin, it was so soft to feel...to touch. Bonnie tossed around once more, and when she did Damon watched. 

   “Sweet dreams Bonnie,” Damon whispered. 







  Damon clinched his jaw tightly, and then looked around his room. Nothing was getting his mind off of the picture of her sleeping. He didn't know why he was thinking of her. He didn't know why he felt warm when he watched her sleep. He never cared for her, she was just Elena’s friend. His heart yearned for Elena, not Bonnie. So why was he second guessing himself? Why was he even thinking of her? 

  “Rough night?” He heard over his shoulder. 

  “Stephan,” Damon muttered. 

  “You came home late last night,” Stephan whispered. 

  Damon exhaled slowly, and then rose up from his spot. 

  When he wafted the air that was between them, he scoffed to himself. 

  “You smell like lavender,” Damon protested. 

   “Yea. Elena and I...” Stephan stopped to run his hands through his wet hair. 

   “I got it,” Damon grunted. 

   “Sorry,” Stephan whispered. 

   “For what?” Damon asked bluntly. 

   “I know how you feel about Elena and...” 

   “No. You don’t know anything,” Damon interrupted. 

   “Your right. I don't know anything, but what I do know is you kissed Elena repeatedly. When I deliberately told you not to,” Stephan’s voice was rough. 

   “You know me better then this Stephan, you know that I never listen,” Damon reminded. 

    “Stay away from Elena,” Stephan demanded. 

     Damon scoffed to himself, and in seconds his hands were tightly around Stephan's neck. He licked his lips slowly, and then watched as Stephan squirmed beneath him. 

   “Never tell me what to do. Got it?” Damon threatened. 

   Stephan squinted and then choked when his grip grew tighter. 

   “Plus. I found someone knew. Bonnie seems rather tasty,” Damon whispered. 

    “Please. Bonnie’s too good for you,” Stephan mumbled. 

    “Maybe. But, I see myself inside her by next week. I can read her thoughts, everything is about me. She lusts over me. Begs for me...” Damon trailed off slowly. 

    “Bonnie...not in a million years,” Stephan blurted out. 

    Damon let go slowly, and then watched as his younger fell to the floor. 

    “I can do whatever I so happen to please with Bonnie. As soon as I get what I want with her, I'm finished. So you have nothing to worry about,” Damon told him. 

   “Bonnie deserves better,” Stephan mumbled. 

   “We will see,” Damon whispered.


   Bonnie sat there motionless in her bed. That's how she always felt...still. Bonnie exhaled slowly, and then closed her eyes. All she could think about was Jeremy; and his last words to her. 

   “I can't be with you Bonnie, I don't want to keep hurting you anymore...” Bonnie lost her train of thought when the picture of Klaus lingered in her mind. She was a callus of emotions, she could no longer control what she was thinking about, nor did she want to. 

   Bonnie rose up from her bed, and then glanced at her window when she heard a noise. 

   “Who’s there?” Bonnie whispered. 

   Bonnie slowly walked towards her window, when she heard the lock screeched she licked her lips.

    “Boo!” The voice scratched at her ears. 

   “Damon...what...why are you in my balcony?” Bonnie was both puzzled and terrified. 

   “Arent you going to invite me in?” Damon asked slyly. 

   Bonnie folded her arms across her chest, and then ran her fingers through her hair. 

   “I already have remember?” Bonnie asked. 

   “I know. But I’d like to hear you say it,” Damon wiggled his eyebrows slowly. 

   “No,” Bonnies voice vicious. 

   “Oh come on, you at home all alone on a Friday night. Don't you want some company? I know you could use some,” Damon offered. 

    “As much fun as that sounds, no thank you. I rather be alone,” Bonnie answered. 

    “Please...I know you've been waiting for me to come over here. Stop lying to yourself, it's embarrassing,” Damon was inches away from her face. 

    Damon slowly inched his way into her room, and when his index finger was stroking her cheek Bonnie flinched. 

    “I’ve been watching you. I’ve been watching you sleep. Your dreams...I see me in them. I see me in you,” Damon licked his lips slowly. 

    “No...you haven't,” Bonnie stuttered. 

    “Come on. You and I both know you could use some rebound sex,” Damon smiled at the tips of his lips. 

    “Leave now, or I'll...” 

    “You'll what? Kill me?” Damon broke her off quickly. 

    “I might,” Bonnie threatened. 

    “Please,” Damon whispered. 

    “Damon I'm serious, I don't want to have to hurt you,” Bonnie threatened. 

    “Fiesty. I like it. Your hot when your mad,” Damon told her. 

    Bonnie looked down quickly, when her cheeks started warming up. She felt her hearbeating faster when she felt the coolnest of his skin move across her chest. He was beautiful. 

    “Damon...” Bonnie trailed off when his lips hovered of hers. 

    “Yes?” He asked. His voice now tender. 

    Bonnie didn't answer, but she managed to push him away with her small fist. 

   “Leave!” Bonnie yelled. When the candles in her room flared up, she looked around. 

   “That was hot,” Damon mumbled. 

   “Now!” Bonnie repeated. 

   “Listen. I don't want trouble...” 

   “If blood is what you want Damon...” Bonnie trailed off slowly. 

   “Blood. Is that what you think I'm here for? Bonnie I dont want your blood...yet. But what I do want is you,” Damon told her. 

   “Please,” Bonnie scoffed to herself. 

   “I do,” Damon was now back to where he was; next to her. 

   “I’m not asking again,” Bonnie warned. 

   “Neither am I. Just think about it, I do things to you that will drive you crazy. I know you could use the relaxation,” Damon mumbled close to her collarbone. 

   Before Bonnie could give him an complete answer he was gone. 

    He was out of her room, and out of her house. 

     Bonnie thought to herself. Damon was offering an no string attached relationship. But, was Bonnie actually considering it. She needed something to get her mind off of things. She needed someone to get her mind off of things. And was that someone actually Damon Salvatore? It couldnt be. After all that Damon had done to her in the past. Biting her in the woods, and traumatizing her. She couldn't consider being with Damon...she couldn't. But, if she couldn't, why couldn't she seem to find the urge to stop thinking about him. His scent, his skin, and his face. 








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