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                “Stephan told me what you think you have planned with Bonnie,” Elena mumbled.

                Damon scoffed to himself lightly, and then threw on his shirt when he saw that Elena was inches away from him. When she ran her fingers through her hair slowly, he wiggled his eyebrows.

                “What I have planned for Bonnie, is none of your business,” Damon answered.

                “Actually it is my business, Damon she is my best friend. She is like a sister to me, and I don’t want you taking advantage of her. She just got her heart broken,” Elena squealed.

                “And I will be there to pick up the pieces,” Damon whispered.

                “Damon…” Elena trailed off slowly.

                “Nothing you say or do is going to change my mind, besides why do you care so much anyway? Am I hinting a little bit of jealousy?” Damon asked factiously.

                “You wish,” Elena growled.

                Damon licked his lips slowly, and then winked at her when she frowned.

                “Don’t worry; all I’m going to do is sleep with her a couple of times. Just to take the edge off, and then if I get hungry, I’ll feed. It’s nothing I haven’t done before,” Damon assured her.

                “You’re so stubborn,” Elena moaned.

                “You love it,” Damon replied.

                Damon smiled and then put on his leather jacket, when he saw Elena fold her arms across her chest, he laughed with amusement.  Damon knew what he was doing, he was frustrating her; and he thrived off of it. It was the only way Elena would talk to him, and he was okay with that. He thought it was cute the way Elena worried about her friend. He found it very cute.

                “Bye Elena,” Damon brokenly whispered over his shoulder.

                Bonnie felt her muscles loosen when she whispered an old spell to herself, that her grandmother told her when she was little. It was spell to relax your muscles, and that’s exactly what Bonnie needed…relaxation.

                “What is this some sort of spiritual ritual?” Bonnie heard over her shoulder.

                “Damon I told you not come near me,” Bonnie growled.

                “I couldn’t help myself,” Damon groaned.

                She felt Damon’s fingers linger across her back, and when she felt his nails dig deep into her skin she moaned lightly. She felt his cool breath hover over her warm skin. She licked her lips quickly, but calmly when she felt him blow in her earlobe.

                “You like that don’t you?” Damon asked her.

                “If I agree to this…” Bonnie trailed off slowly.

                She turned around to face him, her eyes sparkling when Damon ran his fingers against her skin.

                “Yes?” Damon asked.

                “How don’t know if I can trust you?” Bonnie asked.

                “I’m not eating you alive, isn’t that enough? Just be lucky that you’re still alive. I could easily tear that precious head of yours right off,” Damon reminded.

                “I’m not afraid of you Damon,” Bonnie threatened.

                “Really…” Damon stopped to lift her off her feet. In seconds she was flat on her back, on her bed. When she grunted in shock, Damon moved a strain of hair out of her face. He smiled to himself, and then wiggled his eyebrows when her chest heaved in and out. Damon traced his fingers against her chest slowly, and when Bonnie attempted to stop him; he did. She was gentle with him, and he was as well. This never happened with Damon Salvatore.

                “Be afraid,” Damon whispered.

                “Leave,” Bonnie replied.

                “Were doing this again? The first time I found it cute, but now it’s a pain in the ass,” Damon grumbled.

                “I need some time to think,” Bonnie whispered.

                “Don’t you think you’ve done enough thinking? Stop thinking, and just do. Come on Bonnie you and I both know you want to,” Damon voice was cradling over her.

                “Not with you,” Bonnie blurted out.

                Bonnie pushed him aside, and when she managed to grasp the air that was held beneath them, Damon slammed her tender body against the corner of her wall.

                “Get off,” Bonnie whimpered.

                “Now you’re afraid,” Damon mumbled.

                “No,” Bonnie whispered.

                “Its okay if you are, I want you afraid. I want you to be,” Damon admitted.

                Damon ran his hands through her hair when her lips began to tremble. When his fingers reached her chest, Bonnie grunted painfully. She felt his nails dig inside her flesh, when she smelt the metallic smell of her own blood; she forcefully fought back her tears.

                “Please,” Bonnie mumbled.

                “I won’t hurt you,” Damon whispered.

                Bonnie ran a spell through her head quickly, and when she felt a force push Damon back against the other side of her wall she wiped her eyes.

                “Now you’re afraid,” Bonnie said firmly.

                Damon stuck to the wall as if he was glue. When his chest heaved quickly, he grunted to fuse the pain. He smiled when Bonnie walked in his direction.

                “I won’t hurt you,” Bonnie mocked.

                “Your right. You won’t,” Damon answered.

                Bonnie released him slowly, and then sat on her bed.

                “Now please leave, or I will hurt you,” Bonnie grouched.

                “Is that a threat or a promise?” Damon asked.

                “Promise,” Bonnie answered.

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