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“I’ve never seen Jesse this angry,” Elizabeth mumbled.

                “He was upset,” Jeremy agreed.

                “Where do you think he went?”  Elizabeth ran her fingers down Jeremy’s chest.

                 Jeremy sighed to himself when Elizabeth dug her head into his chest. For comfort he pressed his lips against her hair. He smiled with pleasure when she exhaled slowly.

                “Who knows,” Jeremy answered.

                “In other words who cares,” they heard over their shoulders.

                Both Jeremy and Elizabeth turned around to see Vanessa leaning against the doorframe. Vanessa folded her arms across her chest, and then licked her lips slowly.

                Jeremy let go of Elizabeth, so he could stand up. He ran his fingers through his hair, and then shook his head when Vanessa’s facial expression remained the same.

                “Do you know where he is?” Jeremy asked.

                “If I did you wouldn’t care enough to go get him,” Vanessa answered.

                “You and I both know that’s not true,” Jeremy protested.

                “The tomb…He wants revenge on Reese,” Vanessa answered.

                Elizabeth gulped to herself slowly and then caught Jeremy’s arm when Vanessa grew closer. Elizabeth sighed to herself, and then looked up at Jeremy when he glanced at her.

                “He wants to end this,” Vanessa finished.

                “The only way he can end this, is if he kills Reese,” Jeremy mumbled to himself.

                “Look who’s catching on,” Vanessa growled.

                “That’s suicide. Jesse is strong, but he’s not strong enough to kill Reese on his own,” Jeremy brokenly whispered.

                “We can’t let him do this,” Elizabeth mumbled.

                “You just realized that?” Vanessa asked bluntly.

                Elizabeth flinched quickly when Vanessa was inches away from her.

                “You did this, if Jesse didn’t fall in love with you…he wouldn’t be on some psycho mission to kill himself,” Vanessa growled.

                “He tried to kill Jeremy,” Elizabeth said firmly.

                “Please. Jesse is impulsive, not stupid…” Vanessa trailed off to reexamine her.

                “You did this to him, I hope you got what you wanted,” Vanessa finished.  

                Jeremy tugged at Elizabeth slowly, when Vanessa scoffed. Vanessa turned around to walk out the door, when she turned around Jeremy drew his attention towards her.

                “You have six hours to fix what you’ve got yourself into,” Vanessa warned.

                “I can handle this,” Jeremy replied.

                “On your own? Please. They’ll eat you alive, and your human girlfriend. Your nothing but bait to them , you won’t even make it through the front door,” Vanessa smirked when she witnessed the fear in Elizabeth’s eyes.

                “You can help,” Jeremy suggested.

                “What makes you think that I would…”

                “Because you came here, if you didn’t care you wouldn’t tell us. You still care about Jesse, but your afraid to admit it to yourself.  Vanessa I could really use your help,” Jeremy begged.

                “I know you could,” Vanessa answered.

                “Please,” Elizabeth whispered.

                Vanessa looked around the room, and then looked back at the both of them. She knew that they were both desperate, but why should she care. They were the reason Jesse was in this situation. She was the one that deserved to sit and watch everyone suffer. But, why was she choosing not to do that this time? Why was she caring for people she never cared about? Better yet why was she caring for people that didn’t care about her?

                “Fine,” Vanessa finally answered.

                Jeremy smiled at the corner of his lips.

                “Thank you,” Jeremy mumbled.

                “Whatever. Let’s get going,” Vanessa growled.

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