BestFriends | By: JAWoods | | Category: Poem - Friendship Bookmark and Share


Everytime I think of you.
I look in the mirror to find a smiling face.
When I am down
You pick me back up with one little hug.
When you are around,
Everything becomes so magical.
Every day without you,
I feel lonely and lost.
But when I wander too far away,
You are there to guide me back.
When I talk to you
I'm never at a loss for words.
When we argue,
We laugh at ourselves for doing such a silly thing.
When I cry
Your shoulder is right there at my side.
The love that we have is so great,
That no one can ever step between us and take it.
And when I look into your eyes,
I know that I'll never lose you
Because we have the greatest friendship
Any pair of BestFriends could have.
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