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  Bonnie was stuck in the same state of enigma when she thought about Damon. She couldn't figure out why she was even giving him the satisfaction, but in a odd way she was giving herself some as well. 

   Bonnie ran her fingers through her hair slowly when she knocked on Elena’s door. It had been three long weeks since she was in the Gilbert's home. Three long weeks since she saw Jeremy Gilbert last. Three longs weeks since she was whole. Bonnie struggled to hold her ground, she was seconds away from turning around and driving back home. It was the first time she left her house since Jeremy broke her...

  Jeremy, Bonnie thought. 

  She was surprised that she hadn't thought of him, since she saw him last. Was is wrong of her not to? Was it wrong of her not to think of the man who broke her heart into a million shattered pieces? The man who left her there to starve on the constant fear of loving someone. The man who watched her cry without any hesitation to help her. Bonnie knew that she couldn't answer her questions, but she didn't have the strength to answer them. Maybe Damon was right, maybe the relaxation would help her. It was just for fun right? No one would end up getting hurt right? Bonnie stooped herself before she let her thoughts catch up to her. 

  When she heard the lock click at the front door, Bonnie felt her heart sink four inches low. She bit on her lower lip, and then waited patiently for some one to answer.

  “Bonnie hey...what's up?” She heard.

  Bonnie didn't look up, she just focused on her own two feet. 

  “Bonnie,” the voice brokenly whispered. 

   Bonnie looked up and then smiled when she saw Jeremy eying her slowly. She ran her fingers through her hair nervously when he folded his arms against his bare chest. 

   “I'm sorry was this a bad time? I came over to see Elena, but if she isn't here then...” 

   “No. It's fine. Come in. I was just getting changed, sorry I'm wet I just got out of the shower...” Jeremy trailed off to let her in. 

   “Oh,” Bonnie hesitated to speak when she looked at his naked chest. 

   “So you look good,” Jeremy began. 

   “Jeremy, please don't do this. Look we were friends way before you and I started dating, so please don't try to make small conversation to make things seem less awkward between us," Bonnie pleaded. 

   “I wasn't trying...” 

   “Is your sister home?” Bonnie interrupted. 

   “No. I think she left a couple hours ago, maybe to see Stephan,” Jeremy answered. 

   “Okay. Well thanks, I better get going I don't want to...” 

   “Jeremy I don't know where the robes go, is it okay if I just...” the voice stopped when it reached the sight of Bonnie. 

   Jeremy watched as his friend walked down the stairs. 

   “I didn't know you had company,” Bonnie mumbled. 

   “She's just a friend,” Jeremy answered. 

   “Friend? Please. I'm Jenna,” she corrected in the background. 

   When Jenna reached the two of them, Bonnie flinched with a swarm of different emotions. She and Jeremy just broke up, and he already moved on. It had only been three weeks, and he already slept with some girl he probably pulled over the side of the street. Why was he doing this to her? Better yet why was he doing this to himself? And why did she even care...

  “Bonnie I think that you should leave,” Jeremy whispered. He broke her train of thought. 

   “Don't worry, I'm already gone,” Bonnie murmured. 


   Bonnie knocked on the Salvatore’s door, she attempted to shove back her tears. She didn't want to walk in a room full of people that wouldn't respect her as a person. She slowly rocked back and forth on her heels, and when she did she heard the door open. 

   “Elena,” Bonnie exclaimed. 

   “Bonnie. Hey. Is everything alright?” Elena asked. 

   “I stopped by your house, and you weren't home. But, your brother was,” Bonnie stopped to run her hands through her hair. 

   “Come on in,” Elena told her. 

   When Bonnie entered she glanced around. Stephan and Damon’s home always gave her an eerie feeling. She shivered slowly, and then smiled when Elena hugged her gently. 

  “My brother is an immature child who is still trying to get over you,” Elena whispered in her ear. 

  “Well he certainly has a funny way of showing it,” Bonnie admitted. 

  “Ignore him. Are you staying over tonight?” Elena asked, now glancing over at her bag. 

  “Can I? I mean is it okay with Stephan?” Bonnie asked. 

  “Don't you think you might want to check if with the hotter and older brother before you ask Stephan?” Bonnie heard over her shoulder. 

  “Hello Damon,” Bonnie groaned. 

  “Nice attitude,” Damon answered bluntly. 

  “Thank you,” Bonnie answered factiously. 

  Damon scoffed to himself, and then leaped over the staircase. He wiggled his eyebrows when Bonnie licked her lips teasingly. 

  “You know I can go home Elena,” Bonnie answered. 

  “Oh no stay...unless you can't handle it,” Damon warned. 

  “Who says I can't?” Bonnie asked; folding her arms across her chest defensively. 

  “I say you can't,” Damon answered.

  “Fine. I'll stay,” Bonnie mumbled. 

  Bonnie didn't take her eyes off Damon. She didn't know if he was doing something to make her keep her focus on him, but she didn't seem to mind. 

  “Great we can have a fun sleepover now that were all here,” Elena quickly said in the distance. 

  Bonnie shook her head from her trance, and then smiled when Elena looked over in her direction. 

  “Yea that sounds fun,” Bonnie finally replied. 

  “Yes. Just cozy,” Damon said with sarcasm. 


  Bonnie sighed when she walked around the kitchen. She looked around mesmerized at the sight that was planted in front of her. There were pictures and statues all around the walls. A fireplace in front of the dark family room. And the bar table right in the middle of the kitchen. The house was beautiful...too beautiful.

  Bonnie exhaled when she smelt the sweet aroma of the scent of Damon Salvatore. His overdue scent of cologne made her cheeks fill with warmth. 

  “Don't get too used to it, your leaving in the morning,” she heard over her shoulder. 

  “Am I?” Bonnie asked. 

  “I don't know. Are you?” Damon asked suspiciously. 

  Bonnie just shrugged and then made her way over towards him. 

  “You know I can easily just throw you out, and let you sleep out on the porch,” Damon threatened. 

  “You could...but would you?” Bonnie asked with a slight pout on her lips. 

  “Easily,” Damon answered quickly. 

  “Then do it,” Bonnie replied. 

  “Whats the fun in you wanting me to?” Damon asked disappointedly. 

  “True,” Bonnie whispered. 

  Damon swallowed slowly, and then examined her once more when she ran her fingers down the nap of her neck. 

  “Your nervous,” Damon mumbled. 

  “How can you tell?” Bonnie asked. 

  “Because every time your heart beats, it grows faster when you get closer,” Damon murmured. 

   “How do you know that it's  just not the sound of your own?” Bonnie asked; folding her arms across her chest. 

  “Because the sound of mine isn't...” Damon stopped when Bonnie’s lips curved. 

  “Finish your sentence,” Bonnie mumbled. 

  “No,” Damon brokenly whispered. 

  “How come?” Bonnie asked. 

  Damon was inches away from her, and both of them knew it wasn't too close. Damon eased the tension between them, by removing himself from where he was. Now making feet in-between them. When Damon reexamined her Bonnie struggled to keep the same face that she had on moments ago. She knew what he wanted, and maybe...just maybe she wanted it as well. Bonnie sighed to herself when Damon licked his lips. Bonnie soon realized that he was 

  “Because you want me to,” Damon answered. 





  Bonnie could no longer control her thoughts about him. She was everything she thought about, and there was absolutely nothing that she herself could do about it. She began to picture life without him, and when she did she soon realized that it was impossible. Even though Damon practically almost killed her a couple months ago, things between them were finally close to mutual. Bonnie knew that she should hate Damon for using her, but at the same time Bonnie had feelings for him. 

  “Ugh. Stop thinking it takes way too much of your time,” Damon mumbled. 

  “You should try it sometime it comes in handy,” Bonnie answered. 

  “Cute,” Damon replied. 

  Bonnie smiled and then looked up at him. When she walked over towards the door, she closed it behind her back. She then moved a strain of hair out of her face, and then paced back in forth around the guest bed. 

  “Damon,” Bonnie began. 

  “Yes witch?” Damon asked. 

  “I was thinking about what you said, and your right. I could use some of the relaxation,” Bonnie mumbled. 

  “What? I'm sorry I couldn't hear you,” Damon joked.

  “Seriously Damon, I'll do the whole friends with benefit relationship...” 

   “Bonnie you had your chance, and unfortunately you blew it earlier. And I don't just wait around for girls like you to get my answer. I don't wait,” Damon reminded. 

   Bonnie scoffed to herself lightly when Damon took a sip of his drink. 

   “Fine,” Bonnie whispered. 

   “Goodnight Bonnie,” Damon answered. 

   “Goodnight Damon,” Bonnie murmured. 


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