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London Driver

A rainy evening in London,with wheelman in a shabby hotel room,with poor lighting and a laptop.reading a message from boss,new wheelman hired.Wheelman changes into wet suit & uses Quad-Ski to reach hangout/hideout bar on Isle of Man.while at bar argument starts over who gets which jobs.Boss proposes a race off,NY to Vegas.Race starts during a early sunday morning snowstorm,with wheelmen jacking cars for the race.Wheelman gets to Vegas first & in casino has confrontation with new wheelman,leaves hastily jacking roof-top helicopter to LA,dumps helicopter,slips into 18 wheeler shipping container & naps (Titan robot theft flashback),awakening at sea bound for Hawaii.Onboard finds computer chips,loads suitcase full.In Hawaii mails suitcase to Japan,jacks Hunter 42CC to Japan,sells chips,jacks Aquada to Korea,then train to Ukraine hideout,where he's greeted by stolen Titan robot,who calls Squba from water (Squba flashback).Soon decides back to UK,jacks unknowingly Rocketplane,ends wheelman in subspace.

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