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Short story: fiction

Written by: Yatendra Singh Yadav


A bright sunny day, with the breezing wind combing down the beautiful yellow mustard fields located just outside the town .The green  plants standing still against the wind and the full blossomed yellow flowers flowing in the direction of the wind , looked like a perfect scenery to most of the people . The river water nearby was waving and striking at banks with full strength, as if the water was a traveller in hurry towards its destination ,the whole valley looked like a modern art gallery with mountains as the boundary walls.


There sat a young student UD on the railings of the bridge just over the river, he was wearing a check shirt and faded jeans which looked like they haven’t been into the washing machine since ages. The dress code described him a lot about his mental status .He sat silent and calmly observed the people around him in the park nearby, like observation was the only thing left with him. The highways were clearly visible from the site with vehicles moving fast, but he found this fast moving world so still and nasty.  In the park nearby there were couples, singles and people enjoying with their kids. This was something which was annoying him the most like what’s happening around is totally a violation of nature’s rules and nobody is supposed to be happy .He asked himself that “how can someone stay happy in this nasty world?” .It was all a fake act in his eye. It looked like he is watching life through some glasses which filters it and shows only the depressing side.



                                   PART -2

Now let us know about what brought him to this state of life. For that lets know something about him first .UD was a tall and a well built and in shape fellow with thin lenses hanging on his ears. At present he got a little chubby maybe because of a depressed that he is been carrying with him, mental depression sometimes can lead to the deposition of fats in a human body as body metabolism falls during depression .He was a perfect combination of both intro & extrovert forms of personalities. An introvert at home and an extrovert outside .He were merely in his late teenage, but his previous achievements could stand him in the league of experienced automotive innovators. Since childhood he had keen interest in the machines around him, whether it was his toys or the appliances being used at home as he always wanted to understand the mechanism behind their workings. Nobody was ever show concern about his interests about machines except his father who was a medical doctor by profession and a very good observer and interpreter of the human feelings and emotions. He figured out his interests and his affection for the machines for the first time when he saw his kid opening his toy car and reassembles it to work again. So he was least bothered whenever UD fails to make the thing work again. As he grew up his love and attraction for the machines grew much more than him, and by the age of fourteen he decided to make his own four wheeler car himself. Obviously it was a challenging task in itself as it was never easy for him to arrange expensive spare parts on his own. So he asked his friends to help him financially in the initial stages later when his parents saw the progress in the manufacturing they came with their support thus the financial problem was easily solved. He purchased the things needed easily. And later with help of some local mechanics he cut down the frame and made chassis AND successfully   placed the right parts at right places. Now his car was ready to roll on the roads also it brought him immense happiness and appreciation. Later when he displayed his car at district level science exhibition he also got some local media attention which made him a hero in his school. But his real motive behind this car was for his personal use and he always avoided people from newspapers.


This was enough for his father to know about his passion so he suggested him to study physics deeply. With the passage of time    his love with the car depreciated but not with the machines. Later everyone found his car dumped into his garage and he stopped driving it as he felt it’s too childish for him and not fancy. He always wanted to achieve the heights of life. So he became more serious about his studies after completion of his high school. AND now studying physics was his only hobby, in his spare time he used to stare at the fast moving motor cars on the road visible through his window glasses.


Time went by and he planned to earn some money for his future projects, which later engaged him in to cell phone reselling. He started buying second hand mobile from mobile pickers at cheap rates and later selling them at higher prices. This thirst for the money landed him into some other activities like selling question papers to his fellow students. It made him into some people with whom he shouldn’t had friendship. As a chain of the events it forced him to fractional fights at school. Also he had a passion for acquiring weapons which was weird for a school student. In short time he had three country made pistols. This became a serious cause for him later    as he gave one to some friend who after some time named him after being interrogated by the police regarding a group clash. As UD had a strong family with great political background, the officer didn’t take any major action against him but he inquired about him when he met his uncle. His family members were completely unaware of these things so it was a shocking moment for all. But his father unlike a usual father didn’t lost his cool on him , instead he  calmly counselled him and asked him to give up all these things and start a new life.UD followed his father’s   instructions and started a new life and started preparation for the state level engineering examination.

At first attempt he got an average rank which wasn’t enough for him to get into automobile engineering, but he made it on the second attempt. This was a new life for him as he had left his past behind and planned for his future in automotives. But the wrong things never left him alone he got into wrongs people again with whom he learnt dinking and other things as well. But here he was more focused on his engineering. He started spending most of his time in workshops and was least interested in the printed knowledge of the books he adopted a practical way to understand the mechanism which later gifted him some backlogs.  Now it again forced him away from the machines and dragged him into tradition student mode i.e. mugging into books. Though it helped him to get rid of those backlogs but he was least satisfied. So as he entered his last year he started working on a project and produced a car for a competition, there were two more members in this team from his class. But after working so hard on this project he found that his fellow member stole his design as his name was mentioned nowhere. When he came to know that their car has won the first prize in the competition and some other guy took the credit of his hard work and dedication. He boiled with rage and came drunk to the class and punched that guy in the face twice as a consequence of what a disciplinary meeting was called upon and finally it was decided that he should be detained from the semester. He thought is he a problem child or there is something forcing him to make mistakes, he was more worried about the insult his parents will have to face when they will be called upon by the college management.


Finally as he was detained he was back at home with several discussions made against him, but surprisingly his father gave him another chance to recover and made him into the studies. When he got back to the college he did not made through the placements and the people whom he considered as underdogs and less talented than him got much bigger jobs. It was an emotional tsunami inside his mind, now he was frustrated to such an extent that he gave up the fight and decided not to try anymore. For the first time in life he agreed to the people who considered him problematic and good for nothing. And now he was thinking of the problems that he made for himself and others while he sat on the side boundary of the bridge. With the placements results his only hope to re-rise diminished. He gave thought to himself that what’s worth fighting when u can’t win at least a single time so he decided, no more a problem child for others and quit his life. He stood on the railings and decided to free his life by jumping into the river , but just when he was about to jump he heard some people screaming to save someone drowning in to the water , it took all his attention and distracted him he ran towards the crowed  and later he came to know that the guy who just committed suicide  was a 9 pointer and was placed in a well known automobile company. THIS moment changed his mind from quitting and his perception towards life. The only conclusion he could make was problems are with everyone and quitting is no solution as death is a permanent and problems are temporary. So he decided to give another chance and completed his degree successfully and now he has his own automobile workshop.

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