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Marriage of my sister

My sister sadhna always said in childhood- "I will always be with you bro. ! " whenever we fought. It was a festival of Rakhi which made her so happy for gifts that I saw a ray of hope and heaviness on my shoulders. When she was 14, her fights became typical and we could not understand our anger and rage. In 1992 when I was in an engineering college I missed those fights and her idiotic activities. On her marriage day, I was so busy handling those demanding guests and their arrangements, that my emotions for her was like an ocean stopped in a room..

During ceremonies, I was more worried that somehow her attention for me is more distributed. Earlier I had this complaint to our parents, now it is to none. Silently I gave her as one gives his most loved part of the soul. While pushing her car in the Vidai ceremony it felt like I want to pull that car but that thought would not be for her better and selfish. I feel, even it is selfish and unjust but what for a helpless. After two months she arrived and met us, she ran to the kitchen where with mother she learnt basics of cooking and where she ran earlier to cook food for me when mother was not around. This time she loves to remember what things are kept where ? This time she told me that it does not feels good to her, something like why she was made to leave this house. I had no answer, not my answer can make her feel homely. If she taught me, that people make you nostalgic, I wiped my tears and said- Not everyone is gifted.


Though characters and story was in my heart, it pains to born without siblings----

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