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through the angels eyes


One day while the angel was lost and playing she heard a man.She heard
him singing.She followed the voice and could not go away.Standing there
looking into the eyes of this divine beautiful man with a voice that could
make u fall in love.She could not move nor say anything she stood there
looking at him hearing him.time past and she forgot about all her duties
to be an angel.Standing there looking at him hearing him she lost her
wings.Suddenly she remembered her duties and had 2 tell him bye.But her
golden heart and eyes were crying.She finished her duties.She had to help
a lot of ppl in pain in sickness etc.When she finished god gave her golden
wings to fly with.What use are golden wings without her love.She went back
but could not find him.Shes lost without him .She knows in her heart
that they will meet together in heaven one day.Till then she hopes and
waits matter where she is what shes doing........she always
keeps him in her heart and mind.She should never have never left him but
the heart of an angel.....her hearts so pure and gentle and she put others
needs before her own but she crys alone every night remembering him and
regrets telling him bye.She did not mean to hurt him but what could she do
like always she had to look after everyone............When u look up in
the sky u can sometimes see the angel looking down at her singer love
weeping with tears in her eyes and pain in her heart.She feels hurt as
she sees him hurting.Her love was pure.One day he will go 2 heaven and they
will meet look in2 each others eyes and he will sing one more to her and
then the earth and heavens will rejoice.....till then the singer must look up
in the sky and feel his lovely angel princess looking lovingly at him
and knowing that though she left she left her heart and soul with u
.......................till they meet again.......lovely angel princess
and her singer lover
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