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Sister Charity

Reverend Doctor Covenant.  We must examine Sister Charity on a regular basis.  While she is fair of face, we must be sure of her soul. She must learn respect, and to obey.  We must correct her deportment and protect the Morals of the Youth - Amazon Kindle. -  Mother Chastity.



* * *



Reverend Covenant.  We must examine the young women of the congregation.  We

must determine if they are chaste.  Mother Chastity.



"Sister Virginia, you are now of age to marry.  We must determine if you are chaste, as befits a wife and mother,"  explained Mother Chastity.


"Yes, Reverend Mother,"  replied the girl.  "I am pure."


"Come with me, Sister,"  directed Mother Chastity.


I followed Mother Chastity into chambers, and closed the door.


"Remove your cloths, Sister,"  Mother Chastity began to unlace the dress of the young



When the woman was disrobed, we carefully inspected her for teeth or claw maeks, or

other demonic signs.


"There are no signs,"  The Reverend Mother noted.  "Come, Sister."


We helped the young woman into the examination chair.  We placed her legs in the

leather cuffs.  Mother Chastity probed with her finger, and nodded in approval.  I sat

on a stool between the legs of Sister.  I probed with my tongue, and was able to

detect her hymen.



"Caress her, to determine any unnatural lust,"  directed Mother Chastity.


I continued to minister to the young woman.  She began to moan, covering her face in



After Sister Virginia had time to catch her breath, we helped her from her chair.


"You may now show respect to a man of the cloth, Sister."

Sister Virginia knelt at my feet - with Mother Chastity at her side.  The Reverend

Mother unlaced my tunic and reached inside.


"Here, you can suck it deep into your throat.  Watch!"  Mother Chastity demonstrated

for the young woman.


I thrust into the mouth of the young woman.  When the young woman was sanctified,

she looked up at me, in surprise.


"Open your mouth, so we can see!  Now, swallow,"  instructed Mother Castity.  "See, it tastes salty."


The young woman washed at the basin in the alcove, and then dressed.  She smiled at

me, and scurried out.  Her mother was waiting outside.


The next your woman removed her garb, as before.  We carefully inspected her



"Her breasts are very large, and drop!"  I noted.


We helped her into the chair, as before.  Mother Chastity probed with her finger, and

frowned.  I probed with my tongue, and was unable to detect a hymen.  I was able to

insert two fingers, with ease.


"Who was it?"  asked the Reverend Mother. "Tell us, Sister Modesty!"


"My father.  Since I was nine,"  the young woman replied.


"You must do penance, for tempting your father,"  Mother Chastity said.  "If you

accept lashes, you may continue to attend the meetings."


"Yes, Mother Chastity."


We placed the young woman on the rack of penance, binding her wrists.  I took the rod of correction from its rack, and struck her hindquarters.


"Thy shalt make no graven images!"  the Reverend Mother cried.


"Yea!"  responded the woman.


"Thou shalt not bear false witness!"




When the lashes had been administered, I went to the front of the young woman. 

Mother Chastity joined me, and unlaced my tunic.


"Take the sacrament, Sister Modesty,"  Mother Chastity told the young woman.


"Thou shalt make no graven images!"  called Mother Chastity.


I thrust into the mouth of the young woman.


"Deep into your throat, Sister Modesty,"  the Reverend Mother directed.  "I will show

you,"  Mother Chastity bent over, and joined in the perverse display.


"Thou shalt not covet the wife of thy neighbor,"  called out Mother Chastity.


I thrust deep into the mouth of the woman.


"Much better!"  Mother Chastity praised the young woman.


After Sister Modesty was sanctified, we returned to her flanks.  Mother Chastity

guided me inside her place of shame.


"Thou shalt keep the Sabbath holy,"  Mother Chastity called, as I thrust deep into her

shameful place.


"Thy shalt not swear!"  Mother Chastity continued, as I thrust into Sister Modesty.


When her penance had been done, Mother Chastity released her from the frame.


"Go, sin no more, Sister.  Return here each week on the day before the sabbath.  Now

go,"  the Reverend Mother ordered.


"Thank you,"  she said, with a smile.



* * *



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