STRIP POKER. | By: Terry Collett | | Category: Short Story - Chronical Bookmark and Share


When Bragtoss said he thought Beryl would enjoy the game with the boys he had once a month in the back room of Martin’s house while his wife was off for her once a month visit to her mother in Chicago Beryl said she'd give it a try and What sort of game is it Bragtoss? She asked gazing at herself in the mirror touching her eyebrows with her finger Oh it’s just games of poker he replied nothing too serious just some fun for the boys and me to make a break from the usual routine of after work hours and Beryl said Ok count me in I could do with a break myself and so she and Bragtoss made their way to Martin’s house beneath the full moon and sprinkle of stars in the evening sky and when the door of Martin’s house was opened Martin stood there with a cigar hanging from his lips and an expression of anxiety on his features Oh he said you brought your wife along? Sure said Bragtoss thought it might add a hint of adventure to the evening and she wanted to come and so I brought her along you don’t mind do you? Martin shook his head and beckoned them in and showed them to the back room where six men were sat down around a green baize table all smoking and chattering amongst themselves Who’s the broad? said a man called Brad Oh she’s my wife Bragtoss replied she’s no problem Oh right said Brad and took a deep intake from his cigarette and so Beryl sat down in one of the chairs and gazed around at the other men present and gave each a smile in turn and conversed with each on small talk until Martin started the game and silence spread around the table with each watching the other as well as looking down at their own cards and so the games went on and each man seeming to lose money until a huge pile of notes began to build in the middle of the table Well said Beryl that’s me done I’ve not got another cent on me and each of the men muttered in turn and Bragtoss looked at Beryl and said Well you could remove an item of clothing for the next few games and see if you get lucky and the other men nodded and said Yes we don’t mind and so Beryl said Ok and removed her skirt and sat down again feeling the coldness of the chair on her ass and so it went on and Beryl seemed to lose game after game until she was down to her panties and bra and Bragtoss said Well Honey do you want to fall out the game now? Oh no Beryl said just one more game or so and the men looked at each other and at Beryl and the pile of money in the middle of the table and said Sure we don’t mind and so the cards were dealt out and Beryl sat with her legs crossed and stared at her cards and a smile spread over her face and she played it cool and had her cards tight to her breasts and knew that the gods had been kind to her and that she had the winning hand but the others were thinking that at last they’d be seeing the final loss of Beryl’s clothing and be able to see her naked but then after each laid down their cards in turn she laid down her winning hand and said Well boys that’s it I think and put her arms around the pile of money and brought it into her bosom with a smile for each of the men and Bragtoss picking up her clothes into his arms said Well boys maybe another game next week huh? But no one answered each of the men just had eyes for Beryl’s butt as she rose from her chair giving each of the men a wink for their lusty stare.

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