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Is It Still There?

The way I feel now is unbearable.
My feelings,
It's a bunch of mixed emotions.
I can't take it anymore.
The pain I feel,
It's ripping me apart.
I try to keep occupied,
But everything I do,
It only remonds me of you.
I try to get over the fact that I can't see you.
So I try to talk to you.
But when I do,
I don't feel the communication we shared.
At the beginning,
There was something there, something new.
Now, there's something there, but it's not right.
It's hurt and regret.
And it's my fault.
With the first kiss, came a game.
With the second kiss, came the challenge.
Then came winner or loser.
I became the winner.
And lured you into the trap.
You lured me out.
You fucked with my emotions.
You turned the game around without even realizing it.
And because of my confusion,
I caused you pain, hurt, and confusion without meaning too.
Now, I want more then anything to make it up to you.
But I can't.
I can't because I'm trapped.
I'm like a Tiger trapped in a cage.
I'm in a steel cage that's not even here.
There's barbbed wire that you can't see until you touch it.
When I do get out,
The time is clocked.
When I see you, it's limited.
So why do I bother?
I bother because I know you're worth every chance I get.
But am I worth it for you?
Why do you bother?

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