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Pranking the Padmore's: Chapter 2



“Parker!  Get downstairs so you can get your Uncle some food,” Aunt Betty said while she watched re-runs of her daily soap operas.  

This was the fourth time in the past hour Parker had to go down to the basement to get his Uncle some food.  He was a little melancholy and frustrated at this point, but Parker never disobeyed or made a complaint.  He began making his way down to the basement.  

The fridge was located in the back right section of the basement almost diagonal to the stairs.  It couldn’t be seen however because of all the empty pizza boxes and chinese holders, making the basement like a culinary maze through Italy and China.  Parker was always able to locate it though, because it rested directly under the only window in the basement.  He looked in the fridge for a moment, took a leap of faith with General Tsao’s Chicken with Lo Mein, and made his way back upstairs.  

Upon Parker’s arrival to his Uncle’s desk/entertainment center/bed, he tripped over various computer things which he knew very little about.  His Uncle’s room was a complete dump with nothing on the walls but dust and chipped paint along with a fan to keep the 300 pound man from sweating out an ocean.  Parker finally made his way to his Uncle’s table and placed the food gently beside him. 

“Here’s your food Uncle Eugene,” Parker said quietly almost nervous.   

“Well it’s about time you little brat.  It’s been hours since I’ve eaten!” his Uncle claimed incorrectly.  

“I’m sorry” Parker replied as if he were a dog with his tail between its legs.  

“Oh shut up boy and go see what your...AHHH!  ROYAL FLUSH!,” Uncle Eugene shouted with excitement.  Parker often saw his Uncle like this.  He much preferred him to win than to lose, because as rude and inconsiderate as he may have seemed, he was in a relatively good mood.  

Parker continued to run aimlessly trying to impress and satisfy his aunt and uncle; a task which seemed both impossible and never-ending.  Parker always tried to stay positive and do his best to stay in a good mood, slowly but surely though, he was beginning to grow frustrated and tired oh his countless choirs and lack of appreciation.  As the night grew closer and the tasks seemed to subside, Parker headed up to his room to get ready for bed.  

Parker didn’t have any time to himself during the day, and was often to tired to do anything when he went to his room.  Not like there was anything for him to do up there anyway.  So as usual, Parker laid down in his bed and attempted to go to sleep. 

About 20 or 30 minutes had passed and Parker was reminiscing over what his life had become.  He grew angry at the thoughts of his horrible guardians and his lacking of any kind of experiences which make childhood so great.  After a while of pouting to himself, Parker dozed off to dreams of a better life.


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