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Just Jasmine

Jasmine got in her old '67 camaro as her mom and step-dad Grant waved at the Henderson's old house/trailer. "Bye mom, bye Grant i love you guys bunches!" "We love you too Jasmine!""Bye-Bye!" "Bye Jazzy!" Jasmine turned the key and drove off, tears stingin her eyes. When she got to the intersection of Monet, she let the tears flow. Even though she knew it was best for her, she never thought it would hurt her that bad. Jasmine has blonde hair. Long blonde hair, blue eyes, piercing blue neon eyes. Her blonde hair flew everywere with the wind, everywere. Her green shirt sparkled in the old Monet Sun. She remembers Monet from when she was 1 and wanted to watch Elmo live. That was 17 years ago though, a long ways away.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Sam sat at his and Deans table. GUESS WHAT! Deans with "Madison" the brunette chick. "Damnit is wish Jess was here." thought Sam, sipping his Beer. "I also wish Dean will meet a hot girl.

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