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help me save my daughter

My daughter has some issues to where she no longer wants to live. She lost 2 little boys at the young ages of 2 yrs and at 9 months. from then on she hasnt been in her right state and was trying to get help coping . all the pros turned their back on her.. at age 30  she decided to go back to school and enrolled in college for criminal justice.. she was doing so well.. on a gloomy day in the fall she went to the grave sight of her sons and found the headstone knocked over.. this took everything she thrived for and turned her world upside down.. the following day she called me and said she wanted to end her life, so i went to her house and tried to talk to her.. she was in such a state that she wasnt listening to me.. so i called 911 for an ambulance , instead the police showed up and got her in the patrol car and took her to the hospital. when she arrived at the hospital she was so upset that she struggled with the policeman and by accident she headbutted him .. my daughter when she was released from the hospital she was arrested for felony assault.. she ended up getting up to 7 years in prison.. two years after starting her prison time she witnessed another inmate being beat by the guards. so the guards thought they could shut her up so they ended up beating my daughter .. my daughter was so tramatized over this she was put in the state mental hospital where she is today oct.27th 2011 ..she is so drugged up so she cant tell what happened .. this is why in writing this.. i have contacted the prison association. the govenor of ny and a lawyer and the newspaper..all i want is for my only daughter to be able to live a good life with the help she needs ..prison was no answer for an unstable person shes lost her life ..she is 32 yrs old way to young to go through all this .. if anyone wasnts more information on this story plz contact @ 315-771-4892  tyvm.. Robin ,, mom of Krista

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