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Sometimes we loose

It was a warm easter day when I awoke to realise that today someone i kenw would be oming home,my boyfuirend who ad been away at boarding school. God did i misss him. althought we kept in contact it still was not the same as seeing each oethr face to face.
I was sitting waiting fro him when came a knock at the door.I collected myself and went throguh to answer teh door. There stood two of his friends. It flashed through my mind nthat he was in trouble again and i came out stuttering "what is worng" They replied
I hate saying this but we have some bad news for you. I stood there not knowing what to expect. Lifeless ot knowing and then they told me that he was gone. I stood for a moment in disbelief. Why was it my boy after all waht we wnet thorugh it just duidn't seam
fair anymore. He was so young and my heart was borken. I sat for days crying not knwoubg what i would do next or where i would turn. My life was over. I could never love again.

seven years have opast since that day adn sicne then i have klearned alot about mysle4f. I still miss him thats not to be sai but i have learnt to love again I thought that i would never learn to love agian. He had been my life but tehn i met this amazing boy who
has taught me to love again truly and completely and althoug i find it hard to let people into my life i do know that i can if tehy are true to me. Unfortunately the person who taught me to love again has moved on from em adn i have moved on from him.However there
is someone new in my life who i like alot called Shaun. He meanas a lot to me he ahs all teh cahraqchterisitics of Luke and altohguh i know that i will never find another luke he is sometiems so much like him. He is ki d and caring friendly trustworthy and very gentle
all that i ever wanted.I know can love but i realise that in life not everytihng is right and soetiems it takes years to heal a wound and althoguh teh wound has gonme there is sill a scar. They say teh first cut is teh deepest well in this case i hope it is the only cut
that can ever go that deep.
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