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I Was Beat A t My Own Game.

The first day I laid eyes on you,
I knew you were mine.
I just had to give it time.
I did.
But you didn't.
You got someone.
Someone I didn't like.
You still went after me.
I avoided you.
Then I got someone.
Now how do you feel?

You still went after me.
You didn't care what the others said.
I gave into you.
I couldn't help it.
I was beat at my own game.
I should know how to be strong and fight against it.
But something inside of me let loose.
Now I can't control myself when you're around.
Do you realize you're doing this?
I want you.
But I have somone I really care about.
But you're doing something to my emotions that I can't describe.
The feeling is so strong.
The first time we had sex, it was just a fuck.
We stopped for a while.
But you lured me into your trap even more,
And a new stronger feeling came to me.
The way you looked at me,
The way you touched me,
And the way you talked to me,
Made me realize that I'm missing something or someone that I shouldn't.
We had sex again.
But this time it wasn't just a fuck.
It was the feeling that finally shined through me.
Do you realize what you did?
Did you make me fall in Love with you on purpose?
It hurts.
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