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Dad:Have you got your report card my son?

Son:Yes dad.

Dad:How much have you got in total?

Son:Dad,I could have scored 100/100 but I missed 1 mark.

Dad:Thats great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!What do you want as gift?

Son:A mobile may do fine.



( Dad and son go to a mobile shop.In the way they meet his class teacher )

Class teacher:Where are you both going to?

Dad:I'm so happy today.You know why,right?So,I'm going to buy him a mobile phone

CT:Are you mad?Better you spent that money on buying a cow for your son's livelyhood.

Dad:Why are you saying like this?

CT:Do you know what your son has scored in total?

Dad:Yes,he said he just needed 1 mark to make his report 100/100.

CT:Your son is so intelligent in these things maybe.He actually need 1 mark only because his score s 0/100

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