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Kiss of the Butterfly

Liquid sunshine pours from the sky upon my chocolate skin. Roasting, my broken flesh, upon a skewer end in a devilish dimension of time long gone by, sizzled. I am trying to baste myself to pure perfection. I am just some haunting masterpiece that is missing the rainbow as color. Darkness has been only my true friend, as I stare at the butterfly floating in the jar.
“His tongue was so pleasing; it’s a shame that he had to be more beautiful than I.” I say with a wink at the butterfly once named Jim who’s screaming angrily to be released.

He was handsome man. He had long curly blond hair, with eyes that are bluer than oceans deep, and the cutest little dimples. We were in perfect sync, until the mirror on the wall lied to me.
“Mirror mirror from hell. Tell me who the fairest one from here.” I say one day as I combed my flaming long hair.
“My dearest Catalina, lover. I am sorry to inform the fairest witch of that reside on the other side of this tainted glass. There is one fairest than you of all. His name is Jim Hardy.” Spoke the gray void hovering over my enchanted mirror.
I scream and rant until foam stained my full lips. This must be some bold face lie, that this bitchy enchanted mirror is jealous and lied. So I repeat the process, and keep getting the same answer.
“………… Jim Hardy.” repeatedly said the mirror in my horror.
I know just how to fix this mistake upon all creation.

I headed out to the nearest charm store and bought *Kiss of the butterfly* lipstick. It supposes to taste like the sweetest poison nectar of spring. It supposes to make the victim turn pale, and then the victim vomits himself up into a butterfly. It’s a beautiful process that should work perfect for this special occasion. I remember to try this before the moon is full that is when I ask the enchanted mirror my questions.
“Hi, my love. Come sit on the couch its more comfy than old chair is.” I say as I flutter my long black lashes with hidden meaning in them.
He comes to me all hungry for my embraces that have been stolen from him of late. He sits and brings me to his arms. He leans in and kisses me ever so tenderly. Then he jerks back…..

“What did you do to me you bitch?” He says as he turns pale and gets ready to vomit.
“Jim you are more beautiful than I. I couldn’t stand it any longer. Bye…..” I say as he vomits himself into a butterfly.

That was a week ago. People all over town are looking for him. He is on the missing person list. I keep telling them that he hasn’t gone anywhere. He just floats beautifully around here in perfect life.
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