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What a girl does to you

Once upon time there was this here guy Stubbs. He was VERY stubby. He met that girl Katlyn. He always was here for her as a friend and one day he fell totally in love for her. He told her this but he found out later that Katlyn was with some guy Jon that loved Vasoline. So one day Stubbs put his Big Stubby Beuts on and went for a walk. He came home and found that Jon and Katlyn broke up. He cheered her up with inside jokes and stuff of that matter.

One Day, he was at his work when he filled owt a survey, he put some hints to katlyn that he wanted to go owt with her. He went to a Metallica concert on hte 4th of July. He came home to see Katlyn on the computer. He was chatting with her and here's what

Katlyn: Stubbs were you asking me owt in that survey?
Stubbs: By the way yes I was.
Katlyn: Do you want an answer?
Stubbs: If you wish to give me one

From that day on that guy there stubbs was too happy for words with the love of his life. He hopes to get married to her one of these days. And her friend Maygan says "awww that's so cute".
(Well, if you do'nt get it... Happy 6 weeks sweetie!)