STLEN KISSES NEVER TAKEN. | By: Terry Collett | | Category: Poem - Love Bookmark and Share


After choir practice
you came out of the church
and she stopped

and said
I read someplace
that Pascal feared

the wide expanse
of the night sky
and you looked up

at the dark sky
and saw the moon
and scattered stars

and sensed her nearness
beside you
and smelt in the night air

her perfume
and you said
it makes you wonder

what’s out there
and she turned
and said

pointing to her breast
and in here too
and you looked

at her breast
and wondered too
and you stood close to her

as others went by
to their cars
and you reached out a hand

and touched hers
and felt the pulse of her
the aliveness within

and never knew
that cancer would enter her
and take her too

and had you known
maybe you would have stolen
many a kiss and hold and gaze

before the death
in those far off days.

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