Goodbye | By: Nick Sebastian | | Category: Poem - Despair Bookmark and Share


What the fuck did you leave me with
A cold heart
An empty feeling inside
And false memories
Memories I held on to for too long
Only to realize that they didn’t mean shit to you
How could you hurt me like that
How could you lie to me time after time
When I did nothing but love you
How could you be so cold
How cold you play me for a fool
When you knew I would do anything to keep you from hurting
You were my world
And I would have done anything for you
I knew how much hurt and pain you could cause me
But you told me that I could trust you
And I did
But all you did was lie to me
But love is blind
And I believed everything you said to me
Because I wanted so much for it to be true
Then when I was about to get smart and give up
You promised me that you would make everything better
But you only caused me more pain
Now I know your promises don’t mean shit
You never even wanted me
You just wanted me to want you
I gave you my heart
And all you gave me were nights of crying myself to sleep, a broken heart, and too many lies to count
You pushed me to numb my heart
Who knows how long it’ll be before I’ll be able to love again
How could you do this to me
And have no remorse
Well I’m sorry that things turned out the way they did
But I’m not resentful
And I don’t wish any hurt upon you
Because regardless of what has happened and what will happen in the future
I will always love you Tracy
And you will always be in my heart
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