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The Dollar Caught In The Wind


Philippians 4:19 But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus. This is my first experience with God providing for me in a very unusual way. 

Early today(around 2:00pm EST) , I was running errands such as post office stops, grocery store, bank, etc.  Once I left the bank I was driving out of the strip mall to head towards a postal store when I was approaching a stop sign and saw a homeless man standing near the stop sign with a sign that said, “homeless, can’t find work, please help”  I saw that and decided that I would give some money to him.  I only had about  forty cents in my purse.  I tried to find more money but I didn’t have any more in my purse.  So I gave the 40 cents.  I then told him that this was all I had.  He said thank you, Merry Christmas, and God Bless.  I felt bad as I left that I did not have more to give.  I then went on about my way and went to the postal store to check on some mail.  It took me about 7 or 8 minutes to get there.  I went in checked what I needed to check and came out and as I came out of the store and prepared to step off of the sidewalk onto the parking lot, I saw what looked like a dollar blowing in the wind.  I looked away and then looked again and it was an actual dollar lightly blowing in the wind.  Even though it was blowing, it stayed right in front of me until I picked it up.  I then looked around to see if someone had just walked by and dropped it an there was no one around at all to even ask.  No one was going in or out of any store near by and there was no one getting out of cars or anything.  So I had just given 40 cents to a homeless guy and got one dollar within about 15 minutes.  That is approximately a 250 fold return on a seed sown.  I praise God for this.  I believe this was a sign from God to me  for many things:  God can get money to me(or anyone) anytime, anywhere,  Continue to yield when God tells you to sow, Stay close to God so you will know when to sow, confirms signs and reminders that I have in my home that he hears my prayers and acknowledges my efforts for financial blessing.  Occasionally I will find a penny,a dime, or a quarter when I am out walking, God moved up to a dollar today.  I look forward to everything else that He is doing.  Take a look at the dollar that I caught in the wind below.  Actually, as fyi, I realize that paper money is actually a debt instrument that we all use to conduct business in the US.  So this $1.00 in my mind is symbolic of the real wealth that God is moving towards me/us.  I pray this blesses you as much as this blessed me today. 

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