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Madiba the international Icon


Madiba the International Icon


I wrote international as homework for the writers club workshop which I am attending.


International is a word according to the Oxford English Dictionary that belongs to more than one country.  It is a word that is probably used more than any other with vastly different functions and meanings in the business world.


International Trade is based wholly on what is saleable and is therefore mainly economical. No agreements can take place without Political involvement or the Government’s authoritative stamp of consent, the leader and decision maker of every contract and deal that is signed.  Governments have the responsibility to be open and honest about the enormous defense and star wars programs, as well as the world of arms contracts.  At least three countries have signed Nuke\Oil deals with Iran. These sales keep millions of workers employed which is rather ironic, when just around the corner is the ceremony of the Nobel Peace Prize Awards.


International Trade donates the value and ethical regard amongst nations.  Accredited Ambassadors are exchanged who are well versed and experienced in the art of diplomacy as they are trained in political, economical and geographically history and knowledge that is carefully researched on what each country has to offer. Any country that the Ambassadors are stationed in, are thus able to cope with any given situation that arises.


Just about anything can be traded from a packet of chips to a jumbo passenger jet and fighter planes. From minor to very important advanced technical industrial machinery and services pertaining to commercial goods.  Everything has to be beneficial to either side trading in commodities and this is why the International Monetary Fund was set up in l944 to promote co operation between countries, and to oversee that a balance has to be maintained.  The I.M.F. was created to remove all foreign trade restrictions.  The invisible imports and exports are the banking institutions where interest is charged for services rendered, such as investments, loans, aid and financial transactions, 


However there is the illegal trade which is a terrible tragedy because it cannot be controlled as it causes harm to many innocent people caught up in it.  Sales are conducted in secretive or undercover operations. Billions of dollars is involved especially in Africa where populations suffer from a lack of just common every day services, poor health facilities and humanitarian help.


 In some cases though illegal trading is quite open to the public, and is generally accepted as normal.  These are the well known dealers who cleverly take advantage of every aspect of how to get around the laws. They have learnt with crafty high class lawyers to legally manipulate the authorities.  They cover themselves in a coat of respectability, and like to be known as entrepreneurs in the business and social world, surrounded by an aura of wealth, glamour and pretty girls or ambitious starlets at fashionable parties.


The drug trade, make no bones or apologies about who they are, as there are no rules to this world wide trade of selling misery.  The drug lords have trained assassins to protect them.  They make more profit than any other dealer.


All these traders have well-heeled ruthless organizations running their other front businesses.


The international trade of human cargo is a very sad tale of the plight of helpless human beings unable to get free from a tight web of evil which encloses them in the sex and slave trading of young men and women, girls and  boys, and even children.  The traders are able to go in and out of any country with impunity.  Their victims are well fed on drugs which keep them powerless and reliant on their masters.


The trade of adopted children is now a very common practice amongst the elite and they have employed lawyers to protect their interests as sometimes these deals are not always  trustworthy or successful.  The latest deals are the unborn babies and surrogate mothers who are willing to trade themselves for shockingly small amounts of money.. The traders make huge profits.


Piracy on the high seas  off the coast of Somalia has had the upper hand in recent years.  It has taken a French War Ship to practically go to war to stop this illicit and dangerous way of trading which is still thriving.  The South African Navy has also been brought into the fray, and is dutifully on patrol.


The trade of child soldiers in Africa.


The Mafia and crimes of murder syndicates.


Blood diamonds.


The world cannot cope with effective policing and so the misery goes on unchecked.


Pornography is also a good selling profitable commodity.  Playboy is the international magazine for the male species but the women have a variety of popular magazines that alas also sell sex which could be termed as soft porn.  If only readers realized that the depth of emotional love, partnerships and marriage is not based on the gimmicks that is sold and misrepresented in print.  Love does not come out of a magazine, but unfortunately there are lots of gullible readers who follow the advice dished out.


Theoretically the governments of the International World should unite and form an army especially trained to work together to rid the world of the scourge of drugs before it ruins our civilization.  Instead of threatening each other with a nuclear war, when the innocent are condemned to suffer the ills because of irresponsible governments, is but the weakness of mankind prone to violence, and domination of one race over another. 


We already have to survive in a topsy turvey world fraught with the dangers of just living in an ever increasing already over populated world, having to cope with an earth we are slowly intent on destroying.


And now the world is facing a catastrophic disaster of huge proportions in Somalia which is not going away in a hurry even with international aid pouring in.  As long as there is a war on going, which no one is able to stop, mainly because is has become monotonous and boring to watch ragtag soldiers running in and out of bullet hole infested buildings, the tragedy will go on unimpeded.  The sight of the women with enormous starving families is heart rending, so many dying along the way.  Maybe United Nations should get involved by sending health teams to teach the women birth control methods.   There seems to be no solution right now except getting food there.  Unfortunately we live in a parallel world of good and evil which is quite depressing to think of who the winner could be.


Something more cheerful to end on, the wonderful talented and gifted people who give us so much pleasure.


The famous singer Australian soprano Joan Sutherland and her equally famous conductor husband Richard Bonynge.  They travel all over the world giving so much pleasure.


The international Russian Ballet de Corps, performed here in South Africa which certainly takes one into another world, and is quite wonderful to watch such beauty elegance and grace.   A change from the cultural warrior dancers we are entertained with here, but which is a great tourist attraction for the overseas visitors.


 We also saw the passionate Irish Group Lord of the Dance perform with perfect precision here in South Africa.


What better way to finish this article than the fairy tale royal wedding of Prince William who married his beautiful princess Catherine.  The word internationalism came into its own on this day, as the whole world watched this royal tale reenacted, as it has done for a thousand years or so.  A country where legend still plays a big part historically to this day.


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