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Computer Trip

COOKIE’S COMPUTER TRIP It was a raining afternoon and Cookie was bored not only was it raining. So she couldn’t go outside and play with her friends but her mom had to break her promise about taking her and her friends to the movies. Cause she had to go to the office at last minute. But the worst was that before her mother left she told Cookie that Ms. Buggy would be coming over to baby sit her I hate it when she treats me like a baby pup I’m old enough to take care of myself Cookie thought to herself as she went into the kitchen. She grabbed a bottle of water then went back inside to her living room Cookie turned on the TV but she couldn’t find anything that she wanted to watch. Her eyes caught the glimmer of the black computer screen. Cookie knew that she wasn’t supposed to play with her mother’s computer unless she was home But what she didn’t know wouldn’t hurt her a little voice inside her head told her. Cookie carefully turned on the computer and waited for it to warm up WELCOME COOKIE HOW CAN I HELP YOU? The computer asked after a couple of minutes I’d like to play with my Puppy In The Valley game Cookie typed in OKAY PLEASE PUT IN THE GAME CD Cookie slowly put in the CD into the computer ROMP and then pressed play. But instead of the cute puppies that were suppose to pop out onto the screen. A bright light filled the screen and before Cookie could figure out what was going on she was being sucked inside the computer Cookie was suddenly flying through a tunnel of colorful lights and there was a group of strange animals all of them seemed to be talking to her. She tried to make out what they were saying but she was going to fast to clearly understand what they were saying. Cookie tried to make herself slow down but the harder that she tried the faster she’d go. And just when she thought that she’d be trapped flying through this tunnel forever. A big smiling turtle grabbed her by the paw and pulled her out of the tunnel. She was about to ask it what its name was when a sudden loud noise yelled out THERE’S AN ERROR IN THE SYSTEM! THERE’S AN ERROR IN THE SYSTEM! And before she knew it she was spit out from inside the computer Oh wow! There’s no way that anyone is ever going to believe me when I tell them what just happened! I better turn off the computer before something else happens. Cookie looked at the clock on her wall There’s no way that I was stuck inside that thing for the last two hours! I wonder what’s keeping Ms. Buggy I better call my mom and tell her what happened Cookie for sure thought that she’d be grounded once she told her mom. But her mom only laughed and answered Oh Cookie you’re letting your imagination run away with you again I just left the house no more then ten minutes ago sweetie. Now don’t worry Ms. Buggy will be there any minute now okay I’ve to go now I’ll try to be home early Still feeling confused Cookie got off the phone and stared over to the computer There’s no way that just happened ten minutes ago! She sat back down in front of the computer and turned it back on. After a few minutes she got the same massage and soon afterwards she found her new found friend playing with some other turtles Oh hey Cookie I’m glad you came back would you like to play with us? Yah but I can’t stay long I’ve to go back before my baby sitter notices that I’m not there Don’t worry you’ll have plenty of time Cookie was having such a good time playing with her new friends that she was totally unaware of all the time that was passing by And after a few more hours she told the turtles I’m sorry you guys but I better go back home before I get in trouble Okay Cookie but please come back real soon Oh don’t worry I’ll umm can you tell me how I can get back? She asked Sure just close your eyes and say computer take me back her new friend smiled. Thanking her new friends she did what he said within minutes she was back inside her living room. She ran upstairs to her room and was surprised to find her mom sitting on her bed Hi! Who are you? Her mother asked in a surprised tone of voice Oh very funny mom! Its me Cookie Cookie? Where have you been I’ve been worried sick all this time wondering where you’ve been What are you talking about I’ve haven’t been gone that long I met some new friends when I was inside the computer and-- But its true Cookie here take a look for yourself her mother interrupted then handed her a mirror. Cookie slowly looked at herself and screamed her reflection showed a much older Cookie She rubbed her eyes and took a closer look she wanted to scream again but she was to scared even to talk. The next thing she remember was falling into a deep darkness A few minutes later she slowly opened her eyes and noticed that she was in a room that wasn’t hers Where am I and why does my head hurt so much she asked she tried to get up but she suddenly felt dizzy Whoa take it easy honey Mommy? Yes sweetie Where am I? Don’t you remember you’re in the hospital sweetie you hit your head. When you slid down our driveway and bump your head onto the side of my car. I tried to warn you that it was to slippery for you to running around but you didn’t listen. I’m just so happy that your going to be okay her mother smiled But the computer I was stuck inside of it I was playing with my new friends. And when I came back out I was much older that not even you knew who I was at first Oh wow! Cookie that must of have been some dream but none of that ever happened. The doctor gave you some strong meds you’ve been sleeping for almost a day and half So you mean it was all just a dream? Cookie asked still feeling confused but the whole thing I’m afraid so sweetie Oh wow! Still dream or no dream one thing for sure is that I’m not going no where near our computer any time soon Cookie snorted Okay sweetie whatever you say! Her mother laughed then kissed her on the forehead Copyright belongs © to Cookie 2006

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