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Love on the Beach

It was a beautiful day in Virginia. The temperature was in the mid 80s, with bright sunshine. Not a cloud in the sky. Holly was walking along the shore of the beach and never saw such beautiful houses. Log cabin houses. She could never afford those. She almost couldn't afford the one she just bought. She looked out to the ocean. So beautiful.


Robert was standing on his deck when he saw a woman walking along the shore. Never saw her before. She must be new or visting. He walked down the steps and towards her. She was brunette with shoulder length hair. She wore a white tank top with blue shorts and sandals. She had a slim figure.


"Hello there." said Robert


She startlingly turned.


"Sorry, didn't mean to scare you. You seemed to be engrossed looking out to the ocean." said Robert.


"I love the ocean. I always wanted to live by the ocean, now I am." Holly said smiling.


"Robert. So, where are you from?"


"Baltimore, Maryland."


"What brings you out here in Virginia?"


"Better job opportunities. I found a job here online and found it. I start Monday."


"Congratulations. So this is your house."


"Yeah, looks a little run down, but its all I could afford." Holly said unlocking the door.


"That's ok. You will be able to afford a better one once you have more money. I also do some fixing."


"That is if you want to."


"I sure would. Anything for a new neighbor."




Robert noticed about six boxes in the kitchen.


"I would like to help you with these boxes. I don't you hurting yourself lifting or pulling these boxes." said Robert taking a box.


Holly noticed that he had the nicest blue eyes she had ever seen. It took them two hours to get things put away.


"Look at that, all done." said Robert.


Holly handed him a bottled water.


"Thanks." said Holly.


"How about dinner tomorrow night. I know this nice place not to far from here. What do you think?"




"Great. I will pick you up at 7."


She watched him leave. Wow. She hasn't been here a day and she already has a date. She put away her clothes. She didn't know what to wear. She didn't have to decide now. The next day, Holly did some laundry. She pulled out her outfit. She would look good in that. She picked out a yellow dress with heels. At 6:45, there was a knock at the door. Robert looked nice in blue slacks, black shirt.


"You look very nice." said Robert.


"Thanks, so do you."


They walked to the restaurant that was just around the corner. It was called Harps. There was a medium crowd. Friendly atmosphere. They were seated right away.


"Good food here." said Robert opening the menu. "Oh yes. You won't be able to make up your mind on what you want."


Holly ordered tea, Robert had rootbeer.


"So, did you get everything put away?" asked Robert.


"Yes and thanks again for putting stuff away."


"Welcome." Robert said smiling.


"Did anyone ever tell you have a nice smile." said Holly.


"Thanks. I get a lot of compliments." said Robert still smiling.


"There is also another confession."


"What is that?"


"You have nice eyes."


"I never got a compliment like that. You are the first one. Thanks." said Robert. "I have a confession for you.


"I think your beautiful. "



"If you say so."


"I do say so."


Their meals came. They ate talked. They had a lot in common. 45 minutes later, the bill got paid and they left.


"So, what do you think?" asked Robert.


"Very nice place. Thank you for taking me."


"What are you doing tomorrow? I could fix up the outside if you want me too."


"Ok." Holly said with a smile.


Three months have gone by and everyone was getting ready for the Fouth of July celebration. Robert and Holly became really good friends. He even helped her get a date. It didn't turn out so well. It was 11am and people were starting to get ready for the barbeque. Robert arrived at her door.


"Happy 4th." said Robert.


"Happy 4th." Holly said.


"I love the 4th of July."


"How come?"


"I don't know, people getting together. Things like that."


"My favorite holiday is Christmas. " said Holly mixing potato salad.


"Yeah, and your with the ones you love."



She was done mixing the salad when turned toward him.


"Holly, there is something...


A knock at the door startled her. It was Mildred, Roberts neighbor.


"Hello Robert, Holly. Happy 4th. Is the potato salad ready?"


"Here it is."


"Let's go" said Mildred.


Everyone started to eat by 11:30. There was a bunch of festivities going on. The weather was sunny and warm. There was a tent that had dancing in it. Holly and Robert danced. The band played a fast tune and then they got to the next one and it was slow. They put their arms around each other. She felt good in his arms. They looked at each other as the song progressed. When the song ended, Holly quickly broke away and sat down.


"Your a good dancer." said Mildred.


"Thanks." said Holly.


By 4, Holly complained that she was getting a headache. So she went in to take a nap. By 6, she woke up feeling better. Robert greeted her and handed her a hot dog. By 7:15, everyone started to gather around the beach.



"Hey Robert. Don't you want to take a walk?" asked Mildred.


"Yes. Holly would you like to take a walk with me?"


"Sure. I would love to."


"Beach is filling up fast." said Robert.


"It sure is. Is it like this every year?" asked Holly


"Yes. I don't think we had this many people."


Everyone was running around having a good. Kids had sparklers, horns, bubbles. They stopped besides some rocks.


"Holly I have something to tell you."


"Ok. What is it."


"I've been in love with you since the day we met. I've kept inside for so long, I just had to tell you. When we were dancing, it felt right to be in your arms. I wanted to kiss you right there, but then you ran off. I am hoping you feel the same way." said Robert holding her hand.

Somebody set off a firework and Holly jumped into his arms. They kissed. His lips felt warm against his. She put her arms around his shoulders. The show started. It lasted for an hour.


"Great show." said Robert.


They waited till everyone left the beach. As they were walking back, he asked her if she wanted to stay with him. She agreed.


"Have fun today?" asked Robert as he unlocked the door.


"Yes I did."


He turned on the lights. He took his shirt off. He brought her into his arms and they deeply kissed. His skin was smooth and sweaty. He led her to the bedroom. He took of his shorts and he sat on the bed. Holly took her shirt and panties off and got on the bed with him. She got on top of him and they kissed deeply. She entered him slowly. She kissed his neck, he kissed hers. He whispered I love you in her ear. She took off her bra. He caressed her whole body as they slowly made love. A few minutes later, they both climaxed and fell beside him.



"You were wonderful." said Robert. She smiled and fell asleep. He fell asleep a few minutes later.


The next morning, Robert woke up to find Holly still asleep. He quietly got out of bed, put clothes on and went to the kitchen. Half an hour later, Holly woke up. She looked at the clock, 7:30. She looked around the room to find it wasn't hers. Then she remembered that she spent the night at Roberts house. Everything came back. She got up to find her clothes. She put on her shirt and undies and went to look for Robert. She found him in the kitchen. She tiptoed to him. She put her arms around him.


"Hello, sleepyhead." said Robert.


"How are you?" asked Holly rubbing his flat stomach. He turned around to face her.


"I'm doing just fine. How are you?" asked Robert kissing her.




"I'm going to make you breakfast, get back into bed and I will bring it to you." said Robert.


"What are you making?"


"A surprise."


Holly went back to the bedroom. She look around the room. Pictures on the dresser, a computer on his desk. She looked out the window. It was very cloudy. Then Robert came in with a tray. She got back on the bed. There was a glass of orange juice, a plate with a silver lid on it. She opened it. Eggs and bacon.


"Surprise." said Robert.


She took a bite of the eggs.


"How is it?" asked Robert.


"Very good, thank you."


They ate together. She picked the last of egg and put in his mouth.


"That was a good breakfast. Thank you." said Holly.


"Glad you liked it."


He took the tray and put it on the floor. He noticed she was under the covers, he got under with her. She took off her undies and cuddled next to him. She touched his chest down to his penis. They lay side by side and she put her leg over his hip.


"I like this position better, that way I am not hurting you." said Robert.


They made love all morning long. By noon, they made into the shower. Half hour later, Holly got out of the shower and dressed. When she walked to the kitchen, there was a knock at the door. She opened the door to find a woman. She was blond, slim figured, she had red skirt with a white blouse and she wore red shoes.


"Hello. Is Robert here?"


"He is in the shower. I will tell him you stopped by." Holly said closing the door.


"I can wait for him in here. I'm Meredith, his fiancee and who are you?"




"What business do you have with Robert?"


"Holly, where are...Meredith."


Robert came with just a towel around his waist.


"Hi, Robert." said Meredith walking to him.


"Excuse me while I get dressed."


Robert came back seconds later fully dressed.


"So Meredith, what are you doing here?"


"I came back to see if you wanted to get back together. It's been a year, so I am hoping you haven't changed your mind and who is this?"


"This is Holly. We are together." Robert said embracing her.


"How can you be with her when your engaged to me. "


"I broke it off remember?"


"You may have said it then, but what about now?"


"I haven't changed my mind. What's done is done. Now leave."


"Fine. Don't call me if it doesn't work out with that tramp."


She quickly walked to the door then stopped. She took off her ring and threw it at Robert. It dropped beside his foot. He picked it up and threw it away.




He looked in the bedroom, bathroom, not there. She was nowhere. He quickly went outside. It was raining lightly. He saw Holly walking back to her house. He ran down the stairs and went after.


"Holly, wait up. Why did you leave?" asked Robert.


"I didn't want to hear you and miss manners talking about your engagement and getting back together."


"We're not. I called it off and that's that. No turning back. Your the only one I want to be with."


"Where is she now?"


"Who knows, who cares. I don't have to deal with her anymore. I am with you now. What I love to do is go back in the house cause we are getting soaked."


They walked to her house. She changed her clothes.


"I think you should move in. Start new lives together. You don't have to decide now...


She ran to kiss him deeply.


"I take that as a yes." said Robert kissing her back.




                                                            The End









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