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A couple weeks ago the gang from the We Always Catch Our Crooks Club decided that between cases. They’d meet one night a week inside their club house and take turns trying to out spook each other. With their spooky stories tonight it was Sammy the turtle’s turn

Hey Sammy where did you get that cool old fashion camera from? Vicky the dragonfly asked

Yah Sammy quick take my picture! Tommy the tiger cub added laughing then started posing for him

Trust me Tommy I doubt you would want for me to take your picture with this camera. This just ain’t a regular camera it’s an evil one! Sammy grinned evilly


Hey did you guys hear some folks brought the old fairs shop! Daisy the penguin cried out as she slammed the door to their clubhouse open

Oh wow! Who would want to buy that old place especially with all those freaky stories attached to it. I wouldn’t want to go in there I’d be to creped out Vicky frowned

Oh please don’t tell me that you guys actually believe all those stupid stories Tommy smirked

Not all of them but I do find it weird that every time someone brought something from that store. Something very bad would happened to them Daisy stated

Yah you guys remember what happened when Wendy Trout brought a camera from his store. every time she took a picture with it, it would never showed the picture she took it would show something bad happening to the kid she took the picture of Cookie added

Oh give me a break an evil camera Tommy smirked

I’m just going by what she told everyone she said that she once took a picture of her little cousin by a tree and when the picture came out all it showed was the tree. Later that day her little cousin just disappeared in to thin air Cookie shrugged

What happened to her? Sammy asked

Nobody knows she reappeared just like she disappeared and when they asked her where she went off to or what happened to her. She couldn’t answer them her mind was a total

blank she couldn’t even remember taking the picture Cookie answered

Oh please she probably just said that cause she didn’t want to get in trouble for running off like she did Tommy laughed

Very not funny okay big mouth what do you think happened? Daisy asked him

I don’t know and I don’t really care Tommy smiled well we’ll see you girls later come on Sammy

Come on? Umm come on to where? Where are we going? Sammy frowned

I’ll tell you on the way now come on! Tommy answered

Oh stop being such a wimp Sammy; Tommy scowled him as they walked down the street

We’ll just go in take a quick look around find the dumb thing then head back to the clubhouse. And finally show the girls that there’s nothing wrong with it he quickly explained

I don’t know why I always have to be dragged into your ghost busting adventures Sammy smirked

Hey! They’re the ones who started it with all their talk of an evil camera. How many times do I’ve to tell you

guys there is no such thing as haunted anything’s. Like I said we’ll just go in take it prove that’s just a piece of junk and bring it back Tommy answered

Oh is that all? And stupid me thinking of what a bad idea this is and how something really bad is going to happened if we do go along with this brilliant idea of yours Sammy sarcastically stated

That’s the spirit Sammy my boy I knew that I could count on you Tommy smiled as he patted him on the back

A few minutes later they were standing right by the front of the old store that stood just beyond the woods. A big sign was typed to the window that read


Tommy are you sure you really want to go through with this Sammy asked

Of course I’m Tommy answered taking a key chain flashlight out from his pocket. He was going to open the door when a voice from behind them cried out

Hold it right there! I caught you!

Both Tommy and Sammy quickly turned around and noticed a small pup glaring hard at them

Caught us? Caught us doing what? Tommy frowned we weren’t going to break any thing

Oh I’m sorry I thought you were the ones who keep gluing the doors shut so we can’t get in and finish cleaning up the place. Before the grand opening the pup explained

Oh wow! That’s awful so I guess you are the ones who brought this old place? Sammy asked

Yeah my dad did he heard all the stories about the place but he doesn’t believe in all those ghost stories or how this place was cursed. He just wants to fix it up and reopen it the pup shrugged what are you guys doing here anyway?

I’m Tommy and this my friend Sammy we live a few blocks from here. We were just looking if this old camera was still lying around here. You see our other friends believe that its evil so we were just going to borrow it and prove to them that it is nothing but a piece of junk and bring it back. We weren’t planning on stealing it or nothing like that Tommy quickly explained

You haven’t seen it anywhere I mean when you or your dad were cleaning up the place he added

If you mean that old rusty big fashion one yah I think I seen it down by the basement. Here I will show you guys were it is the name is Rex by the way

They walked down the old stairs and after a few minutes Tommy found the old camera hidden behind some old boxes full of old junk

Yes I found it! He cried out

So what’s the big deal about that camera again to me it just looks like a broken piece of junk. I’d be surprise if it even works Rex asked them once they were back outside again

According to my friends they say that every time you take a picture with this camera. It doesn’t show the picture that you took it shows that something bad is going to happen to the kid you took it of Tommy explained

Oh cool! Can I check it out! Rex asked

Yah here Tommy said but before he went to hand over the camera to Rex. Sammy interrupted

Umm I don’t think that’s such a good idea he went to grab for the camera but instead he pressed the picture taking button. Accidently taking a picture of Rex

Oh I’m sorry I didn’t mean to press the button he stated

Oh wow! It’s an instant camera but it just looks like one of the old fashion ones Rex cried out let me see the picture

A second later the picture cleared up they could see Rex’s face. But it looked like he was in a lot of pain and crying

Hey is that some kina of joke? Why does my face look like that? Rex frowned

Oh great! I have a funny feeling that the girls weren’t lying about this camera Sammy muttered

Hey can I show it to my dad I’m sure he’ll get a kick out of it! Rex laughed. He then grabbed the picture out of Sammy’s hand. And before they could stop him he took off running

Rex hey wait! Sammy cried out after him but it was too late. Rex’s screaming drowned out his pleas to come back

A few seconds later Rex’s dad came running out from the back of the store yelling

What happened?

We don’t know he ran off to go show you something but he tripped over those rocks I think he broke his foot or something Tommy said. Rex’s dad thank them before he rushed over to Rex picked him up and rushed him to the hospital

Oh wow! I hope he’s going to be okay Tommy said as they were walking back to their clubhouse

Oh yah right he’s going to be great with a big cast on his foot Tommy I told you that this was going to be a bad idea Sammy smirked

The next morning Tommy was heading towards the school yard when Wendy Trout called out his name

Hey Tommy wait up!

Oh hey Wendy what’s up? He asked

Daisy told me what you and Sammy did yesterday you guys didn’t really go and took the camera from the store right? Wendy asked

Yah we went back to the clubhouse but they were gone I’ve it inside my book bag to show them that it’s just a

No it’s not! Wendy interrupted that camera is evil you’ve to take it back!

She then went to grab his book bag and took the camera out of it

Hey what are you doing! Have you totally lost your mind! Give me back my camera! He yelled

It’s not your camera! You’ve to take that thing back right now! Wendy yelled back as they started fighting over it. Wendy suddenly jumped back in shocked as they both saw the flash of the camera go off

Oh wow! Sorry Wendy I didn’t mean it Tommy yelled

It was an accident give me the picture Tommy but don’t say that I didn’t warn you

Hey I said that I was sorry maybe nothing will happen maybe it broke while we were fighting over it Tommy shrugged

Yah and maybe I’ll disappear just like my cousin did I hope for all our sakes it is broken Wendy sighed

A few days later Tommy bumped into Wendy coming down the hall

Hey Wendy how’s it going and no offense but I would get off the diet. If you lose any more weight you’ll be nothing but a stick walking around Tommy told her

I’m not on a diet it doesn’t matter how much I eat I lose weight. And it all start the day after you took my picture she explained. Tommy was about to answer her when the bell rang

Well I better go I don’t want to be late for home room and lately I’ve been walking a lot slower then I used I’ll see you later

Oh my god! Have you guys seen Wendy lately she looks like a tooth pick I think she is sick or something Vicky asked them during their lunch period

Yah I saw her outside she was holding on to dear life on the monkey bars. I was afraid that the wind would knock her off them if Cookie added

She’s not sick Tommy accidently took a picture of her with that stupid camera and ever since then she’s being losing weight every second. I’m scared she’s going to disappear soon if he doesn’t find a way to stop it Daisy answered

Me? I didn’t do anything to her! Tommy cried out

Well it’s your fault if you would’ve just left that camera were it belong Daisy answered

Yah Tommy, Sammy added I told you something bad was going to happen but no you couldn’t leave it alone

The next day the gang went over to Wendy’s house when she opened the door. She looked worst then she did the day before

I know you don’t have to tell me I lost another ten pounds while I was sleeping Wendy sighed

Oh wow! Did you see a doctor or something? Tommy asked once they were up in her room

We both know that a doctor can’t help me Tommy she frowned

Sorry okay you say that started happening right after I took your picture. What if we rip up the picture maybe if we rip it up you’ll return back to normal he shrugged

Yah but what if you rip it and she disappears completely and never comes back. I think we should just think of a more positive approach Cookie answered

That’s it Cookie I think you just came up with the answer come on I’ve an idea! Vicky cried out

A few minutes later they were walking inside the photo shop

Hi I know this is kina short notice but I need you to do us a real big favor Vicky told the kid in the counter

Yah sure what do you need? He answered. Vicky gave him Wendy’s picture and then asked

I was wondering if you can take this picture and redo into positive better looking one. She asked

Yah sure I guess I could give it a try why don’t you give me a few minutes and I’ll be right back

Half an hour later the kid walked out of the back room

Okay here’s its

So now what? Sammy asked

I guess we just have to wait and hope that it works Vicky told him

The next morning the gang found Wendy waiting for them by their lockers

It worked! I’m back to normal! It really worked! I can’t thank you guys enough she cried out and Tommy you ready to return the camera now?

Yah me and Sammy are going right after school and returning it. I learned my lesson I never want to see that thing every again Tommy laughed

Good but just to make sure I want to go with you guys Wendy smiled

Later on that day they were walking back to the store a few minutes later they were about to go inside when Rex came hopping up to them

Hey guys!

Hey Rex how’s your foot? Sammy asked

It’s getting better the doctor said that in a couple of weeks I can take the cast off. I can’t wait. So what are you guys doing here the grand opening isn’t until a couple of more weeks Rex smiled

Umm we just wanted to return the camera and see how you were doing Sammy answered

Oh umm that wasn’t really necessary I honestly didn’t want to see that thing again

And before any of them could answer him Rex’s dad walked out of the store

Hi kids! It’s nice to see you again what can we do for you?

Oh umm dad they just came by to return that old camera that I told you about Rex answered as he showed him the camera

Oh hey I haven’t seen of those in years I didn’t know that we even had one of those. Where did you kids find it? Rex’s dad asked as he took the camera from him

Hey how about a group picture he added

No! Dad really that’s fine we really don’t need to have our picture taking I’m all sweaty and dirty from cleaning and

Oh stop being such a picture pooper Rex now everyone get closer together his dad interrupted. And before any of them could stop him the camera flashed






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