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Game On

His physique is so much better, than it was in seasons past.
He hit the Back so hard, he wound-up in a body cast.
He hit the monster Homer, it proved to be the winning score.
But claims he never took the ‘roids, that were delivered to his door.

The President has recorded, his strongest statement yet,
He says “they’re here within our borders, and they pose a dire threat;
We’ll amend the Constitution, we can’t allow the gays to wed!”
But don’t look in George’s closet, or underneath his bed.

“My clients are not guilty! Your Honor I implore.
He cut his hand while shaving, she doesn’t own a 44.
She merely mixed-up her prescription, it is no crime in Hollywood.
He doesn’t have a sex addiction, he is just misunderstood.”

He was just another student; she was in his Civics class.
Now they live on 82nd street, beneath the railroad underpass.
No funds for their assistance, like there was once before
But there is 87 billion, to finance an unjust war.

Why do we abide these lies, and buy up what they sell?
Why can’t we prioritize, and teach our children well?
How long until we realize, our Nation’s in the John?
“Hey, that’s to go, and Super size, the ballgame’s nearly on!”
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