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FOX’S CAVE Daisy the penguin opened her gym locker and was surprised to find a heart shape box in it. She looked round to see if there was any one else the room. But it was empty That’s weird I wonder who could’ve put this in here? She thought to herself. When she began opening it a bad smell filled the room Ugh! What’s that smell? She cried out loud then dropping the box onto the floor. She bent down but instead of picking it up seeing that there was some green smoke coming out of it. Daisy quickly kick the box across the floor then grabbed her stuff and ran out of the locker room After school she met her friends at the local pizza shop and told them what happened Okay let me get this straight someone broke into your locker and left you some smelly box. That pours out green smoke when you open it? Tommy the tiger cub frowned I didn’t open it I dropped it on the floor and that’s when the smoke came out of it Why would someone leave something like that? Vicky the dragonfly asked Don’t know but I don’t think it was very funny Daisy frowned Maybe you’ve a secret admire Sammy the turtle smiled Or a smelly one! Tommy laughed Very not funny! Daisy smirked So where’s this famous box now? Cookie asked Probably where I left it why? I want to take a look at it maybe whoever left it also left a clue of who they are Cookie shrugged Soon afterwards they were back inside the locker room It should be right underneath that bench Daisy said that’s where I kicked it to Are you sure cause its not here Sammy answered after looking underneath it What? I swear it was there where when I left Maybe it grew little feet and walked away! Tommy laughed Remained me to laugh later hey what’s this? Its just a candy wrapper Sammy shrugged I know what it is dummy what I meant was something is written inside of it Daisy smirked. She picked it up then read the message out loud IF YOU WANT TO KNOW WHO LEFT YOU THE BOX MEET ME AT FOX’S CAVE TOMORROW AFTER SCHOOL Oh wow! It looks like we got ourselves a little mystery to solve! Cookie laughed What do you mean we? Daisy’s the one who received the box Oh come on Vicky, Sammy’s the one who usually chickens out don’t tell me that you believe all those dumb stories about Fox’s cave? Cookie asked Hey! Sammy cried out Cookie’s right not only can we find out who left me that dumb box. But this can be our chance to prove to every one that the legend of that place. Is nothing more then a made up story so what do you say you in ? Daisy added. Vicky could tell by the way that Daisy was staring at her that she didn’t want to go there either. And she definitely didn’t want to go there alone. So after thinking about it for a few more minutes she smiled then said I’m in The next day they all met in front of Cookie’s house So are we ready to go? Cookie asked Yeah hey Sammy what’s inside the bag? Daisy asked Umm let’s see I’ve go some snacks, a couple of flashlights and some other stuff that I thought we mighty need he shrugged Gee Sammy we’re only going to there for a few hours not the whole night! She laughed Okay here’s the plan me and Sammy will check out the left side of the cave. And you girls check out the right and we’ll meet back here in hour. But if you guys see anything just yell Tommy explained as he handed each a flashlight Okay where do you guys want to start? Cookie asked. But the other girls didn’t answer her Umm hello what’s the matter? Vicky shined her flashlight on the object so Cookie could see it better. Standing in front of them was a strange looking monster that seemed to be growling at them For a few seconds none of them could move nor speak until Vicky finally let out a loud scream and took off running followed by Cookie and Daisy. And they didn’t stop running until they got back to Cookie’s house Ten minutes later the boys showed up Hey what happened to you guys? Why did you just take off like that without telling us? Tommy asked frowning The, the Vicky began The what The rumors are true! Okay will some one please tell us why she’s freaking out Cookie quickly told them what they had seen inside the cave Oh wow! Sammy cried out then popped his head inside his shell Well at least we solved one mystery but I still don’t know who sent me that dumb box or why Daisy sighed oh Sammy before I forget here’s your flashlight back Thanks just put it in the bag Daisy placed the flashlight inside the bag she was bout to zip it back up. When something caught her eye it was drawings of the monster that looked a lot like the one they just saw inside the cave The next day at lunch Daisy told the girls about the drawings So you think they planned this whole thing? Vicky asked Yah Tommy was the master mind and talked Sammy into playing along Daisy frowned I thought it was kina of weird the way Tommy acted when we told him what we saw. He had this look on his face like he was trying not to laugh or something Cookie added I can’t believe those little jerks would do this! And think that they can get away with it Vicky cried out Now ladies let’s not get our furs all uptight I say we turn the tables and pay them back Daisy answered And how are we going to do that? Vicky asked Daisy leaned in closer to them and whisper her plan And you think this will work? Cookie asked I certainly hope so What’s wrong with you guys? Tommy asked noticing that the girls all had sad looks on their faces Daisy lost her ring she thinks she dropped it when we went over to Fox’s cave the other day Cookie explained Oh bummer what are you going to do? Sammy asked I’ve no other choice I’ve to go back and look for it my mom will kill me if I told her that I lost it Daisy shrugged She then slowly got up and started to walk off followed by Cookie and Vicky You guys are not planning on going now are you? Sammy asked Yah the sooner the better but its okay you guys don’t have to come if you don’t want to Daisy answered Hey Sammy did you take down that cardboard monster from inside the cave wall yesterday? Tommy asked once the girls left Umm I thought you did didn’t you? Oh great come on we’ve to take it down before the girls get there A few minutes later they arrived and went straight it Good they’re not here hopefully they changed their minds Yah I’ve to handed it to you Tommy we really scared them. Hey did you hear that? Sammy asked Hear what? A piece of small rock suddenly hit the back of Tommy’s head followed by an earth cracking scary scream. Causing them to dropped every thing they were holding and ran out When they got back to Cookie’s house Good they’re not back now remember Sammy we never left we’ve been here waiting for them A couple minutes later the girls showed up Hey did you find it? Tommy asked Daisy Oh yah I suddenly remembered that I wasn’t even wearing it yesterday. But we went over to my house just to double check it was still in my jewelry box she smiled The next day Tommy and Sammy went to the library Hi boys there’s a box on the table for you the library aid told them For us? Tommy asked do you know who left it? Sorry boys I’ve no clue They slowly made their way to the table on it was a heart shape box along with a message that read HEY GUYS! WE THINK THAT YOU FORGOT THIS INSIDE OF FOX’S CAVE! LOVE DAISY, COOKIE AND VICKY Copyrights belong to Cookie Torre 2006

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