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Cookie noticing that Tommy’s brother Chuck was slowing down looked out the car window and asked

Are we here?

Here where? All I see is the road Daisy the penguin added as she looked out the other window

Sorry dudes but I think I’ve to stop for the night and let the old tanker get its rest its beginning to overheat Chuck answered them

Oh great I knew that we should’ve gone with Miss Peggy we would’ve been at the C D park by now Sammy the turtle mumbled

Don’t worry about it Sammy my boy we’ll be riding those waves in no time. We’ll just spend the night in that hotel and hit the road early in the morning Chuck stated

What hotel? Tommy asked. Chuck pointed to a sign that read


A few minutes later he pulled up to the hotels driveway. The hairs on Cookie’s neck stood up as she looked out the window and saw that the hotel was set back from the road surrounded by some over grown trees

Why do I get a funny feeling that we shouldn’t stay here she thought to herself as she got out of the car and collected their bags and made their way towards the main lobby of the hotel

Why hello and welcome to hotel Havens a voice called out of nowhere. The gang turned around and spotted the desk clerk standing behind a big oak desk

How can I help you on this fine night? He smiled

Oh hi our car began to overheat so we decided to get a room for the night Chuck explained

Excellent we only have one room left let me get all your information then I’ll give you the key and then you’ll be all set

Okay why don’t you guys go put our bags in the room and unpack. I’m going to see if they’ve a dinner or something open and pick up dinner Chuck said then gave Tommy their key and added

Try not to trash the place I’ll be back in a few minutes

When they got in the room and put their stuff away Tommy jumped on the bed and picked up the remote and turned on the TV

Greetings and welcome to spook TV a ghostly looking announcer said I’m glad that you’ve chosen to turn in I hope that you’re all ready for a real ghostly time! Then he reached out his arms through the set

Holy crap! Tommy cried out before he tried to turn off the TV. But it wouldn’t turn off. The ghostly announcer just returned back inside the TV and laughed

Foolish kids you should’ve ran while you still had the chance to escape. But now that you’ve checked in be sure that you won’t be checking out! Enjoy your stay here with us because it will last entity!

Then he vanished from the screen

For a moment none of them spoke they just stared at the TV in total shock

Someone please tell me that was just some sort of hotel humor Sammy mumbled

Dude of course it was there’s no way that was real! I bet that--. The ringing of the phone interrupted Tommy’s

answer. Vicky the dragonfly went over to the phone and picked it up


Listen carefully a whispery voice on the other line said my name is Mo Robby. Everyone in this hotel expect for you and your friends are ghost who want to turn you into ones so you will enjoin them. I can help you escape but you must do what I say whatever you do don’t go to sleep and go to room—

What! Wait hello? What room hello? Vicky yelled into the phone. She listened for a few more seconds before she hung it up

Vicky who was on the phone and why do you look so scared? Daisy asked

I don’t know they sounded like they had a bad cold or something. All I understood was their name was Mo something and that we were all in some sort of danger cause this hotel was full of evil ghost and will turn us into one if we don’t leave


But he said that he’d help us he was telling what room number he was in but the line went dead Vicky shrugged

I knew it I knew it we should’ve gone with Miss Peggy and now we’re going to be murdered and stuck in this dumb hotel forever! Sammy cried out

Whoa Sammy lets us know when you’re done freaking out so we can go find Chuck and get out of here Tommy frowned

Yah he should’ve been back by now Cookie agreed

What if they already turned him into one? Then what?

Sammy please stop acting like a total basket case and let’s go Tommy sighed I’m going to prove to you that there’s no such things as ghost some one’s just messing with us

They walked into the hall and towards the elevator and just as the doors were going to open they spotted a foggy cloud slowly moving in their direction

What’s that? Vicky asked. And before any of them could answer her the cloud turned into a big mean looking boar who was dressed as a janitor with blacken eyes

Hey where do you kids think you’re going isn’t pass your bed time? Why don’t I take you back to your rooms he laughed

Umm that’s okay I think we can find it ourselves Cookie yelled over her shoulder as she and the rest of the gang

started running towards the fire door exit and down the flight of stairs

Okay Tommy tell me again how there’s no such thing as ghosts Sammy smirked once they reached the main lobby. Tommy was about to answer him when he heard someone callout his name

Hey what are you guys doing down here I thought I told you to wait in the room Chuck answered

Chuck? Where have you been? Tommy frowned

I’ve been walking around this dumb hotel looking for someone to tell me where the dining room is. But I can’t find anyone it feels like they all suddenly disappeared or something. I can’t even find the stupid desk clerk so he can unlock the front door Chuck answered. Then after hearing what Tommy and the others told him about all the weird things that happened while he was gone he added

Well then I guess our only way of getting out of here is by finding this Mo guy and have him tell us what’s really going on around here

Soon afterwards they started checking all the rooms

Hey check this out Chuck said pointing to a name plate that was on the pen house door. Isn’t that the last name of the dude who you talked to he asked Vicky

Yah I bet this was the room that he wanted us to go to she answered. When they went inside the room Sammy went straight towards the phone and picked it up

Sammy who are you calling? Daisy asked

Who do you think the cops?

Oh right and what are you going to tell them? Help I’m trapped inside a haunted hotel please come and rescue me. They’ll think you’re nuts Tommy smirked

Hey listen to this Cookie said picking up a bunch of papers and began reading them

These are all stories about the hotel and the Pole family they used to own this place. Until a bunch of unexplainable strange things and deaths happened that led for it to be closed down

Oh wow! Let me see that? Vicky told her and before she could re-read it. Daisy let out a horrifying screamed


The walls are bleeding!

They looked at the walls with confused and scared looks on their faces as the blood droppings slowly started to spell out the words


Well why are you just standing there you can read! Chuck cried out

Okay someone tell me what just happened back there? Chuck asked once they reached the main lobby

I don’t know maybe the ghosts of who once lived there were trying to warn us about something Vicky shrugged

Yah maybe come on we’ve many more rooms to search he answered

When they reached the game room they found the creepy desk clerk playing some kind of game

Well it took you guys long enough!

You? But why didn’t you just tell us who you were when we first checked in? Cookie frowned. And before he could get a chance to answer a voice from behind them said

That’s because he’s not Mo Pole! He only wants you to think that he’s

They all turned around and saw a small sad looking pup with sunken eyes standing by the door way staring at them

Don’t be foolish Mo just go away and let me have some fun with our guest. I promise to play nice, nice! The desk clerk laughed

Once they were in the hallway Tommy said

Okay Mo we had enough of this place tell us how we can get out of here. Just give us the key so we can leave

Sorry I wish that I could but I don’t have it Mo sadly answered

What! You’re kidding right? Didn’t you tell Vicky that you were going to help us find a way out Cookie told him why did you ask for us to find you if you can’t help us out of here she added

My great, great grandfather built this hotel but from the beginning it was cursed. He died inside the penthouse from some sort of freak accidents then soon afterwards every signal of my family the same way inside this hotel. Their ghost came back to take over when someone checks in

But how come you’re not like them why did you choose to help us? Vicky asked

Because I’ve been trapped in here for a very long time every time that I’ve tried to help someone escape some other ghost bets me to it. I just figure that one day I’d be the one who bets them and by helping them then I‘ll be freed to cross over Mo shrugged

But how? You don’t even have the keys to open the door Daisy asked

In a few minutes it’ll be check out time and the doors will open on its own. No one has ever figured out how to fix it from not happening

Well it’s worth a shot this can be our only chance Chuck told them we just have to keep our fingers cross and hope that it’ll work

Okay here’s the plan as soon as the clock hits twelve we all run as fast as we can and rush the door and out the door and don’t stop running no matter what until we reach the car Chuck instructed he then looked at his watch and started the count down

Okay it time go!

They all ran as fast as they could towards the door and pushed it as hard as they could

Yes we did it! We’re out! They cried before running off towards Chuck’s car. And before Cookie jumped inside the car she looked over towards the hotel and saw that Mo sadly was staring at them through the window waving good bye

Wow! I can’t believe that we made it out of there all in one piece Daisy sighed

Yah but I kina feel sorry for Mo can you imagine being trapped there for years and never knowing if you’ll ever be set free Vicky added

I don’t even want to think about it Chuck do you think we’ll be able to make it the rest of the way without any more pit stops? Tommy asked

Huh? What pit stops? We should be hitting the park in a few minutes that must’ve been some dream that you al shared. Because you all have been talking in your sleep about some dude named Mo and trying to escape the ghost from the hotel. I’ve heard about friends sharing dreams but this one was a whooper! Chuck laughed. They all just looked at each other in total disbelief

Was it all just dream

No it couldn’t have

Could it?






belong to cookie torre 2006



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