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KING’S GAME Cookie looked at the clock that was next to her nightstand one of her best friends Tommy the tiger cub was coming over to her house Maybe I should give him a call she thought to herself Cookie! Tommy’s here! Her mother cried from downstairs Okay mom send him up! A second later Tommy walked inside her bedroom Sorry I’m late but my mom made me wash the dishes before I left Tommy whined before taking off his book bag Its okay mines can be a pain sometimes too Cookie laughed so did you bring it? Yah here Tommy said taking out his video game out of his bag. Cookie read the name off the cover Get ready to be scared? That’s a dumb name for a video game I know but the owner of the video game store King told me that it wasn’t the coolest game that I’ve ever played that he’d give me back my money Oh wow! Then it must be really good if he’d give you back your money Cookie said as she popped the disk into her CD ROM then waited for it to install Seconds later a spooky looking face slowly began to appear on Cookie’s computer screen it said I’M THE FACE OF FEAR AND I’M DARE YOU TO ENTER THE DOORS TO MY KINGDOM CLICK ON MY FACE TO BEGIN THE GAME BUT BEWARE THERE’S ONE AND ONLY ONE WAY TO ESCAPE SO ARE YOU BRAVE ENOUGH OR ARE YOU TO SCARED!! The sound of the face’s evil laugh made the hair on Tommy’s neck stand up Umm maybe we should play something else or we can watch a movie instead Oh don’t be such a wimp Tommy its only a game! Cookie laughed and as soon as she clicked on the spooky face. A bright light filled the room knocking them both to the ground. With scared and confused looks on their faces they slowly got back up but instead of still being inside of Cookie’s room. They were inside some stone room that had lit torches sticking out of its walls Oh my god Cookie! Tommy cried out where did your room disappear to Does it look like I know! Oh wow! Look at that Cookie said pointing to some of the pictures on the walls I know this is going to sound totally crazy but I think we’re inside of a cave or something But how did we get in here? I don’t -- What? Cookie turned her head to see what Tommy was staring at heading towards them. There was a big creepy mummy Run! Was the only thing that Cookie could think of saying but instead of running down the passageway he ran straight into Cookie Run the other way dummy! Cookie barked They ran down the passageway and kept running until they came to a split leading in two different directions. They could hear the mummy’s footsteps slowly echoing through the passageway Which way? Tommy asked I don’t know Well hurry up and pick one before that thing catches up! Why don’t you pick one instead of yelling for me to do it Cookie snapped Fine that way! Tommy yelled before running towards the left side of it Oh gross look out for the mouse! Cookie wait I can’t run anymore Tommy panted after a few minutes Me neither anyway I don’t hear anymore foot steps I think we lost it I’m scared Cookie what are we going to do Tommy sobbed Me too but standing here feeling sorry for ourselves isn’t going to help us any. We’ve to keep looking for a way out of here they continued walking a couple more feet when the passageway ended in front of a large wooden door Let’s open it hopefully this is our way back home Cookie whispered. It took both of them to push open the heavy door on the other side was a large wooden room. And on each side of the room were colorful big head creatures with small bodies each of them were holding sharp swords in front of them Oh great Cookie sighed And after a couple of seconds she added Tommy I know this is going to sound nuts but somehow we got stuck inside your video game What! But how A loud clinking sound interrupted Tommy looked over and saw that the blue big head was moving towards them. They tried to run out of the room but the red big head cut them off and if that wasn’t bad enough the mouse that Tommy had seen earlier suddenly appeared out of nowhere and was slowly crawling up Cookie’s front paw Now what? Tommy cried as the big heads continued to close in with their swords raised high in the air You mean besides panicking wait I think I got it Cookie said. She slowly shook off the mouse off her leg. Then stepped on its tail so the mouse couldn’t run away. She then picked up the mouse with her teeth and flung it as hard as she could towards one of the big head creatures hoping to hit it in its face Yes I did it! Then in an instant there was another flash of bright light and when they opened their eyes they were back inside of Cookie’s room Cookie you did it! We’re back but how did you know how Tommy asked happily Truthfully I don’t know I suddenly remembered what the face said before starting the game. I just hoped that if you had to click on its face to start the game then you had to do the same to end it Cookie shrugged Well I ‘m just so happy that’s over I was so scared that we’d be stuck inside that stupid game forever! Tommy cried Yah me too Cookie nervously giggled and Tommy if I were you I’d go tomorrow and tell that King guy exactly where he can put his game. She then went over to take the disk out but when she opened it the disk was gone The next day they went to the video game store to return the game. But when they got there the store was gone there was only am empty parking lot on its place What no way! What happened to the game shop it was here yesterday! Tommy cried out in disbelief Wow! Talk about weird hey what’s this Cookie said picking up an envelope with her teeth. There was a big envelop on the ground she opened it inside there was a picture of them playing Tommy’s game. And underneath the picture it read COOKIE, TOMMY CONGRATUTIONS YOU’VE BEATEN ME THEREFORE I MUST GO BACK AND MAKE MY GAME MORE CHALLENGING AND SCARIER BUT JUST BEWARD THAT JUST BECAUSE YOU’VE BEATEN ME THIS TIME IT WON’T BE SO EASY TO DO THE NEXT TIME WE MET AGAIN UNTIL THEN TAKE CARE SIGNED YOUR FRIEND KING Coppyrights © belong to Cookie 2006

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