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A couple weeks ago Cookie and her friends decided to open their

own detective club. Which they named the We Always Catch Our

Crooks Club

And so far since starting the club they’ve solved many cases

today’s meeting was not about a new case but to decide on which

of their friends would become a new club member

For the hundredth time you can’t nominate her she’s a girl

Umm hello Tommy news flash if you haven’t notice but Cookie,

Vicky and I are girls Daisy the penguin frowned

My point exactly Tommy the tiger cub smiled we don’t need

another one I nominate Toby

Toby Snake? Vicky the dragonfly frowned

Yah and if you ask me he’ll fit right in he’s smart and well liked

Not by everyone Vicky interrupted the only reason he’s so popular

is because he’s always buying the other kids in school stuff


What she means is that he buys his friends instead of trying to

make them Daisy added

Whatever what do you think Sammy, Tommy asked Sammy the


He’s not so bad I guess Sammy shrugged

Well we can at least ask him and if he’d like to try out who knows

maybe he’ll say no Cookie added

Umm I already did ask him sort of Tommy mumbled

You what?

Umm I sort of mentioned it to him the other day that we were

looking for another member

Oh terrific Tommy how could you do that without talking to us

first Vicky asked

I’m sorry you guys it just slipped out

Still Tommy that wasn’t cool Cookie replied and what did he say

when you asked him

At first he didn’t seem to be so interested but I guess he

thought about it. Cause he called me that night and said it’d be

cool he even said that if we ever wanted to use talk talkies that

he’d get it for us

You see he’s doing it again Daisy cried

Oh give me a break he’s just trying to be friendly what’s wrong

with that? So what do you guys say is he in? Tommy asked

Okay let’s take a vote all those in favor of letting Toby in raise

your hands? Sammy asked

Only Tommy raised it

Aw you guys!

Real detectives don’t take bides and that’s what Toby’s trying to


Hey I got an idea Cookie replied Tommy wants Toby and both

Daisy and Vicky want Susie to try out

But Susie just moved to Rocky Shores a couple weeks ago we

hardly know her for all we know she could be a crazed killer

Tommy interrupted

Well if she’s then I know who her next victim should be Daisy


Okay, okay fighting with each other isn’t getting us nowhere why

don’t we ask them both to join and the first one who helps us

solves our next case gets in Cookie said

That’s a great idea they all agreed

Then its settled Cookie smiled okay Tommy you and Sammy talk

to Toby and we’ll do the same with Susie about our club rules and

what we decided on doing all we need now is a case to test them


The next afternoon Sammy told them that he wanted to have a

club meeting right after school. Every one showed up except for


I bet she couldn’t figure out what to wear that’s why she didn’t

show up! Tommy laughed

Zip it Tommy before I do it for you Daisy frowned

Cool it you guys okay Sammy what’s up? Cookie asked

We got our next case Miss Cow’s wallet was stolen she had to go

to a staff meeting during lunch and forgot to take her purse and

when she went back her purse was still there but her wallet was

missing. She hopes that the person who took it will turn

themselves in and return her money Sammy explained

Wishful thinking Cookie said

Hey isn’t Susie in her class maybe you can ask her who she thinks

would be the perfect suspect Vicky added

That’s a good idea you and Daisy go talk to her while the rest of

us look for Miss Cow’s wallet Cookie answered

But doesn’t the crook have the wallet? Toby asked

I don’t think so they way I figure they probably stashed it

somewhere we’ll split up and search different parts of the school

and playground and see if we can find anything she added

The next day Toby was washing his hands at the bathroom sink

before the lunch bell rang when Tommy walked in

Hey Toby how’s it going?

Okay how’s the case going do we’ve any lead on it yet?

Nope but don’t worry we always catch our crooks! Tommy laughed


Toby went into the corner stall while Tommy washed his hands

then leaned against the sink to wait for him. After a few minutes

he heard weird noises coming from inside the stall

Hey Toby are you okay

Yah its just this paper dispenser its jammed up I can’t get much

paper out of it

Hey no problem I’ll get you some Tommy said

No its okay I pulled out enough out thanks

A few minutes later he came out then walked out with Tommy so

they could go to lunch together

After school they met by the monkey bars inside the playground

except for Susie and Daisy who arrived ten minutes later to talk

about the case

Well its about time you two show up Tommy scowled them

We’ve got a very good excuse for showing up late Susie smiled

Oh yah what

We found Miss Cow’s wallet!

That’s great where was it? Cookie asked

Inside the boys bathroom Daisy said Susie was the one who

actually found it

Huh? How you can’t go inside the boy’s bathroom you’re a girl

what were you doing in there

Shut up Tommy and let her finish Vicky snapped

Any way when Daisy told me about the case and what was the plan

I started to think if I were the crook where would be the

perfect place then it came to me. So before going to class I

checked out the girls bathroom and nothing then I checked inside

the boys

And was the wallet in there? Toby mumbled

Yep it was hiding inside the paper dispenser by the corner stall I

was about to walk out when some body came in. I had to hide until

they left which made me late for homeroom and had to stay

after school because of it

Oh wow! Good job Susie! Cookie smiled

So Susie what’s it like inside the boys bathroom Vicky laughed

Gross and smelly! Susie laughed back

So I guess that’s it our case is closed Sammy said where’s the

wallet now?

Susie opened her book bag and handed it to him


Hey wait a minute! The money is missing he frowned

I knew it! It was you! You stole Miss Cow’s wallet Tommy cried


No I didn’t! the money was still there when I found it I even

wrote down the serial number when I was waiting to sneak back


Tommy how can she be the one who took it when she’s the one

who found it Daisy frowned

Exactly don’t you guys find it a bit weird that she knew exactly

where to look

But that’s not how--

Yah, yah you set the whole thing up so we’d think that she solved

the case. Toby and me were in there this morning and we didn’t

see anything why? I tell you cause she hid in there so we’d all

think it was a boy who stole it Tommy started to explain

No I didn’t and I’m not going to stay around here and be blamed

for something that I didn’t do I’m going home!

Cookie didn’t believe that Susie stole the money but how was she

going to prove it. Suddenly an idea popped into her head she

whispered something into Vicky’s ear

Susie can you come with me I forgot something back inside my

locker you too Daisy, Vicky said we’ll be right back

What was that all about Tommy frowned watching them walk off

Okay you guys good job I guess another case solved

What? Cookie this case isn’t solved we still don’t know what

happened to missing money Sammy interrupted

And before Tommy could answer Cookie cut him off

Doesn’t matter we’ll just turn it just as we found it she shrugged

and Toby since you did such a good job in helping us solve this

case. You’re more then welcome to join our club if you like she

added smiling

Yah sure Toby shrugged

Great! Now maybe we can get those talk talkies that you

promised us

Hey no sweat my dad gave me some money last night we can go

get them now if you like? Toby smiled. He then reached into his

pocket and took out a wad of bills and as soon as Cookie saw it

she suddenly snatched the money and ran to catch up with the

other girls who were waiting for her by the front door of the


Hey Susie do you still have those serial number with you?

Susie took out a folded piece of paper from her back jean pocket

Yah here

Cookie checked the number with Toby’s money and cried out

I knew it!

Hey what’s the big deal give me back my money! Toby growled

once he and the others caught up

Don’t you mean Miss Cow’s money we just checked the numbers

with the list that Susie made and it was the perfect match

What are you talking about Cookie? Tommy demanded

I’m talking about what really happened Cookie answered I found

it weird that Toby didn’t find the wallet when he was in the same

stall that Susie went to afterwards it wasn’t because Susie stole

the wallet Toby did

What! No way!

Yes way! You stole the wallet then you hid it inside the dispenser

you thought that no one would ever think of looking for it in

there. But when you heard what we had planned you got nervous

that one of us might find it so when you went to get it Tommy

walked in and you didn’t want to take the chance that he might

see it am I right so far?

Toby just slowly nodded his head yes

But why dude you told me that your dad gives you money all the

time. You didn’t need to do that Tommy asked in debrief

I lied he only gives me a couple of bucks a week and that hardly

covers all the stuff that I buy every day

But you don’t have to buy all that stuff Vicky began

Oh yes I do if I don’t the kids in school will stop liking me

Toby if they were really your friends they wouldn’t care if you

buy them stuff or not she added

Please don’t turn me in if you do they’ll call my dad and he’ll kill

me if he ever found out. I promise never to do it again I swear!

Toby hold on a second guys can I talk to you over here for a

minute? Tommy asked Susie I’m sorry that I didn’t believe you

That’s okay Tommy

But what are we going to do about Toby? Sammy asked I sort of

feel sorry for him

Yah me too he looks so scared if we could think of some way to

give him a second chance Daisy added

That’s it! Cookie cried

That’s what? Vicky asked

You’ll see hey Toby we decided not to turn you in Cookie began

Really wow thanks guys!

Whoa! Don’t thanks us just yet you didn’t let me finish I said that

we weren’t going to turn you in because you’re going to turn

yourself in


That’s right you’re going to tell Miss Cow what you did

But if I do then she’s going to tell my dad

Not if we go with you and explain what you just told us how you

promised never to do it again. You’re going to write the whole

thing down and if you don’t get into any more trouble then we’ll

rip it up but if you do something like this again and we find out

then we’ll show the letter to your dad and take it to the cops.

What do you say do we’ve a deal? Cookie explained

Deal but do you think that Miss Cow will agree? Toby asked

I don’t know we’ll just have to wait until tomorrow Cookie


The next day they talked to Miss Cow and returned her wallet to

her. At first she was very upset but after hearing the deal that

Cookie came up with she had a charge of heart and agreed to it

Toby kept true to his word he even helped Miss Cow clean up

every day after school for a week. And also helped Susie with her

math homework just to make it up to her. He also learned a very

valuable lesson that stealing doesn’t pay or makes you true

friends in the end

Copyright © belongs to Cookie 2006


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