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Cookie was taking her usually walked through the

neighborhood park one afternoon. When she stumbled upon

a big apple tree that made her stomach growled loudly

Oh wow! I bet one of those apples will fill me up she thought

to herself. Cookie started circling the tree looking for the

perfect ripe apple that she can eat. But all she could see

were only green ones

Cookie then tried climbing the tree but each time she

attempted to climb the tree she’d come sliding down. Her

legs weren’t strong enough to lift her up. After all she was

just a small yorkie and who ever heard of a dog climbing

trees before. So she tried of another way she gathered some

rocks and piled them on top of each other in hopes to reach

the apple. But once she tried it she came tumbling down

rocks and all

Cookie’s stomach was really growling now and she was

growing more and more determine to reach that apple. She

was deep in thought on how to get it that she didn’t noticed

when her friend Tommy the tiger cub came walking up the


Hi Cookie! What are you up to today? He asked

Nothing much I’m just sitting here enjoining this warm

beautiful day

Oh well have fun then Tommy smiled then took off down the

path. Now Cookie could’ve asked Tommy to help her pick the

apple. But she was to greedy who only wanted the apple to


She was still deep in thought when her friend came strolling

up the path Daisy the penguin

Hello Cookie why are you sitting beneath this apple tree

looking so sad

Oh no Daisy I’m not sad Cookie answered I’m just enjoining

this beautiful day

Well okay just as long there’s nothing wrong Daisy answered

before she ran off. Cookie sighed she knew that Daisy was

the best tree climber in her school and would’ve been more

then happy to get the apple for her. But once again Cookie’s

greed got the best of her

Cookie was getting hungrier by each passing second and

every time she’d look at the apple her mouth would water.

Soon another of her friends passed by this time it was Vicky

the dragonfly

Good day Cookie why are you wasting such a nice day just

sitting underneath this apple tree when you could be playing

or digging bones

Oh no I’m perfectly happy just sitting here enjoining the day

I see ok then I’ll see you later then Vicky said then took off

down the path

Cookie could hardly sit still any longer she tried climbing the

tree again. But one more time she fell on her butt a few

minutes later Andre the weasel came towards her

Say Cookie what do you think your doing? Dogs can’t climb


Now it was known through out the neighborhood that Andrew

could not be trusted. He’d play mean tricks on Cookie and

her friends. So the last person Cookie wanted to tell about

the apple was him but she was so hungry that she couldn’t

think straight anymore

I’m so hungry and there’s a nice ripe apple in the middle of

all those green ones. And if you’d climb and pick it for me I’ll

share it with you Cookie answered then showed him where it


Why sure Cooks no problem I’ll be more then happy to get it

for you

Oh thank you

Don’t thank me just yet wait until I get it for you first! Andrew


Minutes seemed like hours and there was no sign of Andrew

What’s taking him so long? Maybe I should’ve kept my

mouth shut

She started to get nervous when she saw that her friends

coming towards her

Cookie come and play hide and seek with us Vicky said

Sorry I cant Cookie sobbed


All day I’ve been trying to grab this ripe apple from this tree I

didn’t want to tell you bout it cause I didn’t want share it with

you. But I became so desperate that I finally asked Andrew

to get it for me but he has been gone for a very long time

Cookie’s friends looked at one another then busted out


Cookie how dumb can you be? Tommy laughed don’t you

know that Andrew is the last dude you can trust. He’s

probably grabbed your apple then took off without you even

noticing that he was gone

Cookie was going to answer him when Andrew climbed

down the tree licking his lips

Thanks for having me find such a yummy apple its was so

nice and juicy. See you losers later! He laughed

You see that’s what you get Cookie if you had asked one of

us to get it for you. You wouldn’t be miserable right now but

you were to greedy and wanted it all for yourself and got

ripped off Vicky scowled her

You’re right I’m sorry you guys I was only thinking about

myself. I learned my lesson and promise never to do

something as dumb ever again. Begin greedy isn’t worth it

you lose to much cause of it Cookie sobbed

Oh don’t cry Cookie its okay we forgive you come on let’s get

out of here. And find you something to eat before you starve

to death! Daisy laughed

Cookie wagged her tail happily as she and her friends

walked off joking and goofing with one another to enjoin the

rest of the day


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