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Fawn was asleep in Walter's arms when he woke up. He looked down at the woman in his arms and smiled. Tomorrow, they would choose their wedding rings and gown. Walter was so excited. He didn't expect that he'd live long enough to get married to Fawn. Walter was diagnosed with Cancer. His death is yet coming and he wants to spend his remaining time with Fawn. He loved Fawn. But he wondered if Fawn loves him too. That dosen't matter, he thought.
When Fawn woke up, Walter was already in the dining room. He smiled when she entered the room and she smiled back.
"I'm leaving early today Fawn. I have some last few notices to give the staff before I.....retire."
Walter got up, kissed Fawn on the forehead and left. Fawn made sure that Walter's car was already gone before she phoned Stanley, her boyfriend. While waiting for Stanley, Fawn found herself remembering the time when her mother had told her that she would have to marry Walter.
"Please Fawn, please understand. It will only be a few months. Walter will die in less than a year. It is his wish that before he die, he will be married to you. Walter is the son of a family friend. A very close family friend. And we just want to please him before he dies. Please. It's his only wish." Her mother had said. After a lot of coaxing and a brief conversation with her boyfriend, Stanley, she agreed. In a few months, Walter would die. And after that, she would go back to Stanley. But she also have to be married to Walter. Fawn thought it would be that easy. But she was very wrong. It was hard making love with Walter, pretending to love him, wishing it was Stanley in his place. Her relationship with Stanley is very risky. It has to be done safely. Aside from her Mom, no one should know that they still have an affair. After about 5 minutes, Stanley arrived. Fawn savored the short moment she spent with her boyfriend. They kissed and hugged each other. Finally, Stanley decided it was time to go. He hasn't got all morning. He also has to go to his work. Fawn bade him goodbye and took a bath. She phoned Walter's office and asked when he will get home. She wore a casual dress and waited for Walter. When he arrived, they drove off to choose their wedding rings.
Weeks passed and Walter felt that he was getting weaker. He was not the only one who noticed though. His mother had come to visit together with Fawn's Mom. When the dorrbell rang, it was Walter who opened the door.
"Walter!! My son!!"
His Mom looked at him from head to toe and fresh tears began to form in her eyes.
"You are getting weaker!! You should stay in the house and let Fawn take care of you!! I forbid you to go to work!!"
"But Mom, I'm fine..I can walk,see?"
Walter tried to walk. His mother was almost convinced that he's fine when he suddenly fell. The three women screamed in unison. They carried him to his room and they took care of him. When Walter woke up, his Mom already left and he found Fawn asleep at his side. He tried to place his hand above hers, to assure her that he's fine but he felt too weak to do it. Instead, he went back to sleep. It was already morning when he woke up and Fawn was nowhere in his room. He looked around but failed to see her. He was just about to get up when she entered the room carrying a tray filled with delicious foods.
She smiled one of her breath-taking smiles and he felt his heart melt. She helped him into a sitting position and began to feed him. As the weeks passed by, there was no pretending that Walter is getting weaker. The docor who often checked on him said that fresh air might help but it won't cure him. It will just make him feel better. So Fawn decided to take him on a park and have a picnic there. She helped him walk toward the car and they rook off. Fawn decided to bring him into a place near the seashore so he can enjoy the smell of the ocean. And on the afternoon, they can watch the setting of the sun.
Walter was delighted. He never knew that Fawn made such a perfect (and pretty) nurse. She knows how to take care of a man, he thought. When Fawn was through unpacking, she helped Walter get out of the car and lie into a blanket she had placed on the ground. He immediately relaxed. After a while, Fawn joined him. She lay at his side, seeking arms that would keep her from getting cold. He knew what she wants. So he opened his arms. She crawled in and she felt the warmth of his body. He bent down and kissed her softly. She was reserved at first. But finally, she opened up to him. They kissed lightly. Finally, she dwew back. She smiled at him and buried her face on his warm chest.
That night, as Fawn lay on her bed (they decided to sleep on separate rooms tonight) her thoughts kept coming back to Walter. She shook her head, confused. No, no. She loves Stanley. Then why is he thinking of Walter right now? She found herself fantasizing his curved brows, his dark eyes, his long eyelashes, his perfect lips..She remembered the kiss they shared earlier. She was frustated. She loves Stanley!! Her thoughts should not be filled with Walter. It should be Stanley. Stanley! Stanley! Stanley! Stanley! Stanley! After a few hours, Fawn finally fell asleep.
"Fawn, how could you do this to me!? We've been together for three years!! And I won't let a fake marriage destroy everything we've shared in those three years!"
Fawn and Stanley had a row...about Walter. Stanley had sensed that Fawn is beginning to like Walter though she kept denying it.
"Please Fawn..Please tell me that you still love me."
"I still love you Stanley..I'll always love you.."
"It's not in your eyes Fawn. Something is troubling you, and I can see it in you eyes."
Stanley looked at her with sad eyes before he left. Fawn felt troubled. She do love Stanley. But she can't figure out what her feelings for Walter are either. When Fawn arrived home, Walter greeted her with a cheerful grin but she only smiled back. What could be troubling her?, he thought. He decided it has something to do with her Mom. When Fawn went to bed tonight, she kept asking herself: "Am I really inlove with Walter!?
As weeks passed by, Walter grew more and more weaker. And Fawn is falling more and more inlove with Walter. Her meetings with Stanley went lesser and lesser and she wanted to spend time with Walter more and more. Walter felt Fawn's love for him and was very grateful for it. Fawn meanwhile, was becoming more and more troubled. She knows she'll lose Walter in less than half a year. So she shouldn't love him. Or should she? Fawn wanted to cry. She felt trapped. Trapped with her feelings for Walter and Stanley. Days passed and there was no denying that it was very obvious to everyone how Fawn loves Walter. Walter felt secure. He had finally won the heart of the woman he loved.
One night, Walter was asleep in his bed when he felt someone by his side. He opened his eyes to see Fawn getting on the bed beside him. She smiled at him when she saw that he was awake,
"I'm sorry I woke you. I can't sleep on my room so I decided to move here."
"You haven't disturbed me. In fact, I'm delighted."
"I love you."
Walter felt it like a physical blow. He felt that he had just been hit (physically). He stared at her, not quite believing what he just heard. It was the first time that Fawn told him what she feels for him.
"I mean it Walter, I love you. I don't know what I'll do if I lose you."
She really mean it. He saw it in he eyes. She leaned over and kissed him. He kissed her back. He held her so tight it almost hurt. She caught a glimpse of the ceiling above before she closed her eyes. He was on her, his mouth hard on hers, his tongue prodding, searching, as though he could find with it what he sought so eagerly with his warm and rigid member. She opened to him, her mouth and her thighs, then reached for him and guided him into her moist, inviting depths. She gasped as he entered, and heard a moan.
He felt her warm folds embrace him fully, and almost, at that first instant, reached his peak. He plunged in, ang again, and once more, and then with a shudder, he felt a rising peak of hunger.
He finished a last few motions, then with a groan, buried his face in her neck and held her.
"Do you have any idea how much I love you Fawn?"
"Hmm...I think I do."
"Please say again how much you love me."
“I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you.”
She bent to kiss him again but he was already asleep.
The next morning, Fawn tried to wake Walter but she couldn’t. She thought he was playing games with her at first but then realized that this was no joke. She immediately called an ambulance and Walter was rushed to the hospital. The doctor said he was so weak. He feared he wouldn’t be able to go out of the hospital...alive. One night, when Walter woke up, Fawn was asleep on a bench nearby. He called her name several times before she woke up.
“Fawn, take me out of here.”
“Hush Walter, everything’s going to be alright. You’re going to be fine.”
“No Fawn. I’m never going to be fine. Please, take me to an ocean. I don’t want to die here.”
“No Walter, you’re not going to die.”
“Fawn, there’s no pretending that I am diagnosed with Cancer. There is no cure. Death is coming, I feel it. You’re wasting too much time Fawn. Please.”
Out of her own will, Fawn helped Walter into a wheel chair and quickly brought him to the car.She drove slowly toward the ocean so he can enjoy the scenery. When she finally got him down, they sat on the seashore, waiting for the sun to rise.
“I lvoe you Fawn. Now I know that it was a mistake. You loved me too much when you know that I am going to leave you someday. I’m sorry Fawn. I’m sorry for messing up your life.”
“No Walter, you have never messed up my life. I will always treasure those memories we had together.”
“I love you Fawn. I want to hear those words coming from your mouth.”
Fawn repeatedly told him how much she loves him until the sun came out.
“It’s wonderful. Isn’t it Walter?”
But when she looked at the man on her side, he already had his eyes closed. Fawn felt tears sting her eyes. She just cried her pain. She shouldn’t have loved him. It was a mistake, the biggest mistake. She pushed he wheel chair back to the car and drove to her mother’s house.

“Isn’t he cute Ma?”
“Yes he is darling.”
Fawn was now married to Stanley. They just had their first child. It isn’t actually the child of Stanley. It was Walter’s child, the only remembrance Fawn have of Walter.
“What are you planning to call him?”
“I’m going to call him...Victor. Is that alright with you Stanley?”
“As long as it’s alright with you, it’s fine with me.”
Stabley smiled at his wife. It still hurts to think that the chikd Fawn is holding is not his. But he’ll learn to accept it someday.
The doctor watched the happy family. He shook his head. He knows that they won’t be so happy for long. He’s going to tell them someday but not now, when they are ready, that Victor, just like his Dad, is diagnosed with Cancer.

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