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Valntine's Day goes to the dogs

For Val, and his wife, Valerie, Valentine’s Day was one of the highlights of their year.   Val enjoyed getting a gigantic box of chocolate candy for Valerie, who took about six months to eat all of the sweet treats.   The candy, too provided a boon for Val, who received a chocolate-flavored kiss after every treat that Valerie ate. “Your chocolate kisses are the best part of Valentine’s Day all year long,” Val whispered into his wife’s ear.   Valentine’s Day was also about to become a special holiday for Venice and Veronica, the couple’s German shepherd dogs.   Veronica and her mate were very observant and extremely intelligent canines. Since they were able to discern that Valentine’s Day was nearing, the dogs decided to provide holiday gifts for each other.   Venice realized he couldn’t drive to the supermarket and purchase a box of candy for Veronica. And Veronica knew she couldn’t sit in front of a laptop computer and pen a love story featuring Venice as the main character.   Since they were, however, smarter than the average dog, both canines decided to use their special abilities to bless each other. On the morning of Valentine’s Day, after Valerie and Val left for work, Venice slowly picked up several bite-size portions of dog food, one piece at a time. He slowly dropped each piece onto the kitchen floor until he had formed a perfect miniature heart. With a few more pieces of the dog food, Venice used his teeth to form the words, “I love you, Happy Valentine’s Day,” inside the heart. The words, however, weren’t written in English. They looked more like “Woof Woof! Woof Woof!”   Since she knew Venice enjoy her doggie kisses so much, Veronica gave Vincent several extra kisses as her Valentine’s gift to him.   Veronica and Venice then shared Veronica’s breakfast. Veronica wanted to save Venice’s Valentine creation as long as possible. Throughout the day, the dogs had a blast, thoroughly enjoying each other’s company, while listening to the Christian music that Valerie played 24 hours a day.   Val and Valerie arrived home from work right on schedule, and Veronica still hadn’t cleaned up Venice’s Valentine’s gift to her. “Look at the mess these dogs have made,” Val complained. “If they are going to start doing this all the time, we’re just going to have to find another home for them.”   Valerie took one look at the heart-shaped dog food and, since she could read pooch-writing, replied, “Val, this isn’t a mess. It’s just a dog-gone good Valentine’s greeting from one of our pets to the other.”     Val glanced at the Valentine message on the floor, put his arms around his wife, gave her a tender kiss and said, “I love you, Honey. Happy Valentine’s Day.”   Val then pretended to speak in doggie language. “Woof, Woof,” Val barked. “Woof, woof!”   To contact the writer of this column about speaking engagements and/or puppet ministry, please email [email protected].

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