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After You

From the first time I saw you smile
Unto this day we walk the Aisle
Until my life on Earth is through
My Heart will always be after You

Now we値l start counting joyous times
We値l count our blessings, count our dimes
The count will always begin with Two
Because all things come after You

After You the Angels sing
After You my love takes wing
Your after-glow burns bright and hot
You値l never be an after-thought
After You is where I stand
After You is when I値l land
After all it痴 plain to see
After You I値l always be

And when we reach our Golden days
With Silver hues, and fading Grays
I値l rock away so peacefully
Knowing you were always after Me.

Yes, You値l still look the way you do
And I will still be After You.
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