A Soldier’s Solemn Duty | By: Ryan Landry | | Category: Short Story - Military Bookmark and Share

A Soldier’s Solemn Duty

The devastation behind the soldier stood on the edge of his mind, but nevertheless was not in his thoughts. The man standing in front of him dominated his thoughts and instigated a war deep within the soldier. The man was plain on all accounts; he was middle-aged, wore glasses, had a receding hairline, but his image was now stained in the soldier’s memory. This man merely wanted to get by, most likely to confirm the death of a loved one, but no matter how many times the soldier thought about it, he would never know exactly why. The only knowledge that burdened the soldier was his duty, and his duty was to keep this man at bay. The soldier’s heart fought to free him of his duty and let the man through, but his mind counter-attacked with a sense of responsibility. The war was fierce, but in the end, the will of the mind was stronger. Now in control of the vessel, the mind forced him to do what he must in order to complete his duty as a soldier. His conscience was like a hurricane in the ocean, but neither choice would have led to calm waters. As darkness swept over the soldier, his heart completely enveloped by the deed he had to do, he prepared for his assault. At once, a vocal bombardment of sound escaped the soldier’s lips and made its way to the man’s ear. The shock and despair in the man’s stuttering crept up onto his face while the soldier’s face was consumed by the darkness of anger that spawned from his sense of duty on this afternoon of terror.

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